Chapter 56: Trying to Breakthrough

1101 Words

It didn't took too long para sa Crusades ng crown prince sa norte. With their power they managed to kill all of the undeads to thier eternal slumber. The final boss that they face sa north ay si Dominator. They managed to gang up him making him enable to move. With a bombardment of holy and light magic, walang nagawa si Dominator kung hindi ang mamatay. Well the crown prince and his people didn't know na ang lahat ay acting lamang. It's too easy para kay dominator na ubosin ang mga ito. Gayunpaman they're currently acting. They need to let the Shiny people believe that they can defeat the undead horde because of their conviction and devotion to the Church of Sol. Dahil dito kaya naman agad na bumagsak si Dominator, pero dahil siya ang final boss sa norte he need to last longer.

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