The Omega

1176 Words
Jaydens POV: I stand in front of the bathroom mirror unable to recognize the face staring back at me. The dark hooded green eyes that used to shine brightly. The hallow sharp features that used to be full and soft. Who is this person and who did they used to be? What happened to the sweet little girl who would skip about the pack grounds and feel free? Did she die that day with her parents? Or is she still deep within me?   I know will never be the person I once was, but I'm tired of looking at this empty shell in the mirror.  Not only that. I'm tired of my pack members keeping their distance because they're afraid i will snap.  Afraid I will become a monster and ruin what we had to rebuild. I don't blame them for being afraid but the least they could do is give me a chance. Right? ~Right~ my wolf Athena barks. How long have you been listening in?  ~Ohh not thatt longgg..~ I'm sorry I don't mean to bother you with my thoughts. ~Hey you're not alone. I feel everything you feel. And I am her to be your other half. If you're sad I will be you fur ball to lean on. Hehe.~  Ha, I love you Thena. ~I love you too.~  I can feel Thena retreating to the back of my mind. I'm sure she needs some rest after my exhausting internal conflict.  I picked up my towel and began to dry myself off when suddenly I felt the pack link. *Alpha Jayden.* a raspy voice said. *I need you in the office.*  Ughh here we go again. *I'll be right down Dax.* I sigh and with that I blocked the link. "Why must I work ALL DAY!?" I exclaim. "I'm only seven'f*****g'teen years old." I walk towards my closet and grab some grey sweats and pair them with a blue cropped tank top. I then proceeded to my shoe drawer and grabbed my white vans. Boy oh boy is this gonna be a day to remember. NOT! I grab my bag and head out my bedroom door. As i'm walking down the hall a faint sent hits me and it stirs something in Athena. ~Ughh, what is that delicious smell??~ She's practically drooling in my mind. I have no idea, but it does smell pretty good I guess. ~YOU GUESS!? That is the most amazing scent everr!!~ Okay..okay. Calm down.  I began to follow the sweet aroma and strangely it was coming from my office. I walked through the door and saw Dax talking to some Omega that i have never seen. I look her up and down. Trying to figure out where she's from. "The shadow Moon Pack." a soft voice answers.  I smile at her and she smiles back. "You are very intelligent. Knowing that I was trying to use your figure and scent to classify your pack." I chuckle. "Thank you." she chirps. ~Ask her about her scent!?~ Thena howls.  Man whats got her all giddy? "Might I ask why your scent is so odd" I say in the most polite manner i can muster. She stiffens at my words and shifts her eyes to the floor.  I began to walk towards her. It was as if I could feel her sadness.  She looked up at me and I wrapped my arms around her.  "It's okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." I pull back to look at her face and see her blood shot eyes full of tears. I mind link Dax *who is this girl?* he responds *She is a simple omega that was sent here to do the Shadow Moon Packs side of the treaty.* I growl which must have scared the omega because she jumped out of my arms and cowered. "I am sorry.." I say gently. I hold out my hand hoping she won't be afraid of me like the others. She grasps it and I feel relieved. "I really am sorry for growling, but my beta just informed me that you are the one who is handling the Shadow Moons half of the treaty..and you're an omega?" I state in a questionable tone. She looks at me with her teary eyes and takes a deep breath. "Yes ma'am. My Alpha has sent me here to do our side of the treaty." she say it as if she is walking on egg shells. "But why? Not to be rude but your Alpha should be here to sign these papers. Seeing as his packs safety is his responsibility." I sigh. Why must this Alpha be such a d**k. "Please don't tell him i told you this. My Alpha doesn't trust you, or your pack. I heard him telling our beta that you were not worthy of his presence. I guess he decided to send one of his business omegas in his stead." She whisper.  I walk towards her and grasp her hand softy. I then lead her to a chair near my desk and motion for her to take a seat. "You seem like a sweet girl so I won't send you back home to your stupid Alpha empty handed." I chuckle. "Really!!?" She squeals. ~Oh my poor ears...~  haha. We each signed our portions of the document and afterwards I took the omega, who I came to find out was named Kayla, to the pack house garden. "So are you ready to tell me why you have two scents?" I hum placing my hand under my chin so that i may lean in closer. Gosh i must seem so weird but the smell is so calming. She avoided my gaze and started to mumble a bunch of incoherent words.  "What?" I ask in utter confusion. "My Alpha..h-he.." her entire body was shaking as she continued to fumble over her words "He what!?" I exclaim. This poor child is shaking because of her Alpha and it enrages me. What has this bastard done to such a kind hearted girl? "He..r-r***d me." She cried out as if she was in pure agony. "I WILL f*****g KILL HIM!" I growl.  The earth beneath us began to shake and i could feel my inner monster being unleashed. But then I saw the fear in Kayla's eyes. Oh what have I done. My once green eyes were now golden and red. "Please don't be afraid of me.." I whisper quietly.  She gazed at my animalistic eyes and gave me a soft smile.  "We all have our demons. Don't be afraid to let them out." She sighed and placed her small hand upon my cheek. Thank you Kayla..thank you. ~We will make her Alpha suffer~ Thena growled. We sure will.  After I calmed down I told Kayla that she would be staying within my pack and that I would handle her Alpha. She seemed a little timid at first but after a few hours of spending time with the pack members she was relaxed and i hope happy.  ~We should go out tomorrow!~ Thena shouted in my head. Jeez clam down! ~Sorryyyy.~ It's fine. That's a good idea Thena. Maybe we should take her to our club? ~Prrfect!~ Dude don't do that. After an hour of disusing tomorrows plans with Thena I went to bed. Wondering what will be awaiting me tomorrow.

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