Chapter 2

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Logan and Carmen run out to the parking lot. Carmen looks over to where Harmonee had parked her black 2021 Mercedes AMG GT Roadster. But it was gone. Channing looks at Logan. "You can say it. Yep, you told me so. I f****d up royally." He walks over to the Navigator and gets in the back seat. Carmen and Logan get in the front. Logan looks over at Carmen, he can see that she is communicating with someone. It's Harmonee telling her that she is on her way to her penthouse in the city instead of driving back to the pack. She will talk to her soon. Carmen glances back at Channing then she looks out of the window. When they arrive at his pack Channing doesn't say anything. He walks over to the bar in the den. He picks up four bottles of cognac and some wolfbane. Logan and Carmen are standing back looking at him walking upstairs. "He has never been like this before. No woman has ever turned him down. s**t, let alone being rejected." Logan shakes his head still looking at Channing. "Harmonee Knight is not like other women." Carmen leans over to Logan. Channing walks upstairs and locks himself in his room. He doesn't bother undressing he can't get the way Harmonee's smile faded when he said his name out of his head. "My mate hates me" He yells as he mixes some wolfbane in one of the bottles of cognac. "Yep, she hates me. So f*****g much that she rejected me." He yells. "If Harmonee wasn't wearing that gown and those heels. I never would have caught up to her. Damn my mate can run pretty damn fast. I thought that she ran away from me because she was scared of mating or thought that I might hurt her. So I wanted to ease her mind to let her know that I would never harm her. My beautiful Harmonica put me in check right quick. She said that she wasn't scared of me or anyone hurting her. That I was nothing but a whore." Channing turns the bottle up. "Damn why did I f**k those two damn girls. The night that I met my mate I smelt like two other she-wolves. Nice f*****g going, Channing." He sits on the bed yelling. "My mate is so beautiful, so innocent Titan and I could smell that she is a virgin. Damn it I f****d up." He opens another bottle of cognac, mixing it with wolfbane. ***** Harmonee didn't waste any time informing her parents that she had found her mate. They were happy for her, that is until she tells them it was Channing. She also wanted to let them know that she is at her penthouse, so they wouldn't worry about her. Alpha Brodie and Luna Mariko have heard about Alpha Channing Parker womanizing ways. Her father has had the chance to see Channing work his magic in person at the Alpha's conventions. As much as they want their daughter to be mated. They agree that is up to her if she rejects him. They will respect her decision either way. After Harmonee finishes talking to her parents. She opens a bottle of champagne and pours a glass of it. She walks out on the balcony, to talk to her wolf Diamond and Sapphire her panther "What do you two make of our mate?" "He is handsome and seems to want us." Diamond said. She's excited about finding their mate. But is a little weary. "Yes, but will he be faithful or will we have to kill him?" Sapphire knows that Diamond is ready for a mate. But they have to be careful. Harmonee nods her head. "You both have some good points. But we also have to wonder will he want us once he finds out about us." She takes a sip of the champagne. "It's only one way to find out. But Diamond you will have to stay hidden for a while. We don't want his wolf to know that we are there. Since neither one of them are aware of Sapphire yet, we should be okay." She drinks the rest of that glass, shifts into a large black panther, and teleports to Channing's pack. When she appears she is on his bedroom balcony. He is on the bed passed out with the balcony door wide open. Sapphire walks into the room looking around. She sees four empty cognac bottles and climbs onto the foot of the bed looking at him. "At least he came home alone." She is thinking as she lays down. Later that night Channing turns over he sees her laying on the bed. "Damn I must have drunk too much. Now I am seeing a huge ass panther on my bed." He mumbles as he closes his eyes to go back to sleep. Sapphire wakes up before dawn, she shifts into Harmonee. She walks across the room looking around. She even looks into his drawers and closet. She doesn't see any sign of a woman ever being in his room. "Channing Parker, let's see how long will it be before you bed someone. I will be watching you." She walks over to him, runs her fingers through his hair, and teleports out of his room. As Harmonee is teleporting Channing opens his eyes. "I am definitely seeing and feeling things." He rubs his hair. "But it can't be Harmonica because I don't smell her sweet scent." He mumbles as he gets out of bed. Carmen and Logan are in the kitchen sitting at the table eating. Logan is worried about Channing. "Do you think your friend will reject him?" He looks at her anxious waiting for an answer. "With Harmonee I never know what she is thinking. We'll just have to sit back and see." She's looking at Channing walking to the table. "Man, that wolfbane kicked my ass. I'm seeing things. I saw a huge ass black panther laying on my bed. Not to mention my beautiful mate disappearing into thin air. s**t," He rubs his hair back looking confused. Carmen smiles. She knows that it was Sapphire that he saw on his bed. "Yeah, man you drunk too much. Nobody is in this house but the three of us. What are you going to do about your mate?" Logan is cutting a piece of ham. Channing shakes his head. "I don't know. My mate seems to be different than any woman that I have ever met. But I am going to look for her ass." He points his fork at Logan. Carmen doesn't say anything. "He must have forgotten that my mate was with his mate. I'll give him a few days to pull himself together before I remind him. Maybe by then, he will have stopped hallucinating." Logan is thinking, looking at Channing concerned. After Channing has finished eating, he walks outside. Several she-wolves walk over to him. "So Alpha it seems that you didn't find your mate last night. I have told you that I would make a wonderful Luna." One of the women whispers He looks at the shoulder-length strawberry blonde, blue-eyed woman. "Rebecca I will not tell you again. I do not fool around with she-wolves of my pack. Nor will I mate with one. Do not come back to me with this nonsense." Channing looks across the yard, then he looks up at the trees. "It's that a panther in that damn tree" He's thinking until Logan calls his name. "What's wrong with you?" Logan is looking in the direction that Channing is looking in. "Look up in that tree. I'm not crazy. I just saw that same damn black panther laying on that branch. High up in that tree." Channing's pointing at the tree that Sapphire is in. Logan looks but he doesn't see anything. "You're beginning to worry me. I don't see anything." Rebecca and two more women are looking toward the tree. They don't see anything either. Channing looks at them. "What are you three still doing here? Go to training or something." He waves them away. Channing waits until the women are gone. "Titan and I are not going crazy. That damn panther is watching us. But where did it go to so quickly?" He looks back at the tree.
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