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Sienna Grayson is a very talented witch from a very prominent and powerful family. She goes through life with ease and doesn’t know the first thing about hardship. That is before someone puts a target on her back and she can’t trust anyone anymore.   Once under a severe attack, she finds herself helpless. However, she is saved by the strangest creature she’s ever seen. Deadly and dark, the creature attracts her instantly nonetheless. And the weirdest thing is that this creature turns out to be the very person who she had a crush on when she was a child. The person, who mysteriously disappeared years ago and no one has heard of him ever since. And now Sienna is the only one who is aware of his secret and the only one whom he lets near him.      Something terrible happened to Hunter Forrester 10 years ago. The mighty Alpha was cursed with demon blood and now he is something else. Having his heart broken as well, he chose to find a secluded place in the woods and live his life quietly there. Alone and in peace with himself.   That is before one nosy little witch falls on his doorstep and turns his life upside down. She is someone he never expected to see and someone whom he will be protecting with his life. Because she is the only one who eases his pain and stops the process of him turning into a heartless demon…      This is the 3rd book in the Unsuspecting Series and it can be read as a standalone (all previous important events will be explained). Book 1: His Unsuspecting Mate Book 2: Alpha Witch Book 3: Demon Alpha's Mate I will start daily updates of this book in October. Add it into your library if you are interested so that you don't lose it. Check out my other books: Dark Dragon series:  Book 1 - The Selection: Bride of The Dark Dragon Book 2 - Dragon King's Forbidden Love Book 3 - Title to be revealed Ruptureverse: Book 1 - Dragon's Ice Book 2 - The Emerald Seer Standalones: Prisoner of Possessive Love See you here soon! Love, Marion.   
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