Shopping and packing or is is torture?

802 Words
Kyle drags me out for shopping, we go through evening dresses to practically useless clubbing dresses. This guy knows no limits, he hauled me to Victoria Secret to buy supposed ‘sexy lingerie and other stuff’, like what? What the s**t, I am paying 98 dollars for something that is practically non-existent. f**k, I could have finished reading the reports on my table about Angle industries and the new advertisement for L’oreal. Kyle holds a black lace babydoll against me saying, “This lace high-neck babydoll would look good on you but so might the deep wine one. Let’s go with the black one, all done”, he exclaims. Again dragging across the store, he picks another four sets, taking his time to find out if it suits me. Finally reaching the checkout section, I whisper harshly into his ear,” 1000 dollars, seriously 1000 dollars”. " Oh please, you can afford it.” he snickers. “Chris please tell me that there is something urgent at the office, this asshole is dragging me from one store to another. He just finished with Victoria Secret, he picked out my underwear for f**k’s sake!“, I begged him through the phone, hearing his laughter increases the slow simmering anger in my body. “You can survive ... you manage and run a multibillion-dollar company... I think you can manage shopping with Kyle for a few hours.“, laughter, which broke his sentence, makes me want to break his jaw. This f*****g i***t has no idea how hard it is to shop with Kyle,” You know what why don’t you go shopping with him, and let him pick out your underwear!“,I scream into the phone and cut the call. Back home at the mansion, Kyle yet again drags me up the stairs, a loud growl spills from my mouth causing him to freeze. Feeling bad.” Sorry, my wolf was just irritated.“, he shrugs and continues dragging me up the stairs to the huge closet. “Strip!“, he commands as he picks up one of the evening gowns, Monique Lhuillier’s tulle evening ball gown it had a plunging neckline and back, it was light pink with beaded embellishments. I gasp in fake horror,” I thought you were gay!“, I reply. He snorts and lifts an eyebrow while his hand makes gestures telling me to take off my clothes. Cursing him I slowly remove my pencil skirt and white dress shirt, discarding the onto the floor, I grab the dress from his hands and I cautiously zip it up. Twirling around I look at myself in the mirror I feel a bit relaxed. It lasted for about a half second, which was until he passed me another one. Finally finishing the trail for all the Neiman and Marcus dress we move onto the cocktail and casual dinner clothes. I feel like I am modelling. I get that Kyle loves my violet shaded hair and my violet eyes but I have had enough of me posing for him. Stripping to the new Victoria Secret black lace teddy, I hear a gasp, Chris is frozen on the carpet and then he suddenly jumps into one of the cupboards. Kyle was laughing his freaking head off, while deep red blush mortified me. Christian shouts from inside the cupboard,” Are you decent? The plane will be ready by 10, okay?“. “You can come out now you know, I am decent”, I say, as I changed into a pair of ripped jeans and a purple plaid shirt. He peeks out and walks towards me and whispers in relief, ” Now I am scarred for life you know that right?“. I push him out of the door and say, “go get Maria, and tell her I need help packing.” It takes an hour to pack mainly because of Kyle, he forced me to take all the lingerie ‘in case I meet someone hot’. Maria is sad since this is the first time she has been alone in a house ever since her brother was killed by her alpha a few years back. She turns rogue after her brother died, one day when I was in a hurry to get coffee and met her. A few days later I take her to my house and pay her money for being my housekeeper and also help her overcome her fears. Climbing into the jaguar as Peter keeps my bags behind in the trunk, I wonder how I am going to survive the next two weeks. f**k, this is going to be so hard!
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