Chapter One

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   Maeve’s POV  Springtime. Coming from a peaceful pack, there was often very little excitement. This is why spring was my favourite season, it was when our lands and forest buzzed with the energy of new life all around us. I was running through the woods feeling the soft, cool breeze dancing across my fur with my closest friend Emily. Emily’s father was my father’s beta and as such she became the closet thing I had to a sibling while growing up.   We finally reached our destination, a tranquil lake on the edge of our land. We quickly shifted and grabbed our bags of clothes that were hidden along a group of boulders. We came here so often we agreed to have emergency bags of clothes and snacks hidden there at all times. “I totally won” Emily said lazily, flopping down by the edge of the lake. “oh yes, you were pretty impressive” I teased, nudging her gently as I sat down beside her. Had it been a real race she would not have stood a chance thanks to the alpha blood that runs through my veins from both sides of my family. “what do you think it will be like having a mate?” she asks. “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know, I need to be here to take my father’s place” I sigh, willing myself to believe that that was the truth. The truth is, all I ever dreamed of was having a mate. Someone who would hold me and love me unconditionally. “I’m scared” Emily whispered, waking me from my thoughts. “of what?” “I’m scared to meet my mate because then I have to leave you, my family and my pack. Everything I know and love will be taken away from me because of a bond I have no say in.” I stared at her in shock, most werewolves can’t wait for the day to meet their mate. To finally be whole. “even if you do leave, we can still talk to each other. I know it isn’t the same but at least we won’t be completely removed from each other’s lives” We sat in silence, both contemplating on our futures. Your father wants you to return immediately. The stern voice of the pack Beta rings through me head. Coming I replied quickly through our mind link before sighing. “time?” Emily asks. I nod my head slowly. We quickly undress and hide our clothes away before changing into our wolves and heading back to the pack house. 
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