Chapter 2

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Marcus and Nora just returned from their honeymoon two days ago. They had traveled to Santorini, Greece. While dating, he still didn't give up hope that his Heaven would leave Carlisle. It took him three years to realize that wasn’t going to happen. He remembers the conversation that he had with Carlisle. The night at Heaven and Carlisle‘s house when Carlisle asked him if she was in love with Heavenlee and that Nora loved him. Heaven also told him the same thing. Marcus let his wall down and started putting all his attention and affection into his and Nora’s relationship. They were engaged for about a year and a half. Nora wanted a huge wedding. He was kind of surprised that Heaven and Carlisle were on her guest list. But he was happy to see Heaven, even if they were just friends. He’s in his office with Joseph when Lauren walks in with Georgina and Jonah. Lauren was on her way to take the kids to the mall, but they wanted to see their father and Uncle Marcus. Marcus is playing with his niece and nephew when his secretary tells him Carlisle Manzo is on the phone for him. Joseph and Lauren look at him strangely. Marcus didn’t hesitate to accept the call. “Phone Conversation” Hello Carlisle, how is everything going? Carlisle: Good, everything is good. How about you and your lovely bride? Marcus: Fantastic. Thanks for asking Carlisle: I’m calling because Baby and I are on our way back from vacation. I was thinking about expanding the mall. New York sounds good to me. Marcus: You and I were thinking the same thing. I was planning to discuss that with you and Joseph. When is your calendar clear for a meeting? Carlisle: Thursday at ten. I have some things to do in the city that day. Marcus: Perfect. See you then “End of Call” Joseph walks over to Marcus's desk. "Man, are you sure you want to start another deal with Carlisle? I know that we agree that it's good business sense. Are you ready to be around Heaven that much? You just got married." Marcus sits back in his chair. " What Heaven and I had was special. I know now that we were only meant to be friends. Besides, I love my wife." Lauren pats her husband's arm. " He knows what he's doing. That's the past." Joseph didn't tell Lauren about Heavenlee and Marcus until a year after they were married. She asked him why Carlisle would always cut his eyes at Marcus and ensure that Marcus knew Heavenlee was his wife. Lauren wasn’t really surprised about it. She thought that something was between them, but she wasn’t sure. Because Heavenlee never showed any emotions “Lauren is right. I would never cheat on my wife. Heaven would never, and I do mean never, cheat on Carlisle.” Marcus picks his niece up and kisses her cheek. Joseph nods his head thinking, "It's about damn time." ***** Pam is looking at Colin pacing and cussing in front of her. He has been like that since he hung up the phone with Dondre. She’s trying to figure out what has him in such a stir. What he’s saying doesn’t make sense. Pam stands up and starts walking with him. “Honey, can you calm down enough to tell me what is going on?” “He stops walking and looks at her. “Mutherfuckers has lost their damn mind.” Colin walks over to his desk. “I know that I’m not supposed to show my anger. Hell, I can’t help it right now.” He hits the desk “That still isn’t telling me what is happening.” She shook her head, looking at him concerned. Colin's cell phone rings. They know it’s Heavenlee because he and Heavenlee still have Daddy’s Girl as their ringtone. “Phone Conversation” Hello, I was just about to call you and Carlisle. Can you put me on speaker? Heavenlee: Babe is right here. I have you on speaker. What’s wrong? Colin: There have been some inquiries about C B. The inquiries are from a dummy corporation. I found out about it yesterday. I had Dondre check into it. Carlisle: That means that someone is hoping to take the company over. Damn. Heavenlee: That’s two companies in three days. Father, someone is slandering the magazine company. Jody is barely holding on. At first, I thought that it was random. But not anymore. I am beginning to believe that it’s personal. Carlisle: Baby, someone is coming at you. Your name is on both companies. Heavenlee: So, it seems. But who? It’s no telling who it is. I have killed a lot of people. Or maybe it’s for a different reason. Hell, I don’t know. Colin: I'll get on that. Maybe it’s a connection. Pam: Heavenlee, I’m here too. Do you think we’ll have to skin someone? Don’t forget I’m your partner in crime. Heavenlee: (chuckles) Mom, I hope it doesn't come to that. We’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast. I have to speak with Jody in the morning. “End of Call” Colin hangs up and kisses Pam's head. "Dear, I hope you and our daughter don't have to skin anyone." "Why not? Heavenlee and I haven't had that much fun in a long time" She looks up at him and pouts. He couldn't help but laugh. ***** Al and Ray are in the den at Carlisle and Heavenlee’s. They have been staying there with Mrs. Tibbs and Reno. The woman and her grandson moved there right before Heath and Hailee were born. Heavenlee didn’t like the idea of Mrs. Tibbs and Reno living alone. Mrs. Tibbs is looking at a package that arrives for Heavenlee. It doesn’t have a return address on it. "Al, why in the world would someone send a package and doesn't put their name or address on it? " He walks over to her and picks the package up. “That is strange. What if it had gotten lost in the mail? Wait a minute Mrs. Tibbs where did you get this from?" She turns and points at the front door. " Mac brought it up to me. Now that I think about the mailman ran earlier this morning.” Ray walks over and looks at the package. “There isn’t any postage on it.” He’s calling Mac to come up to the house. "It's too small and flat to be a bomb." "A bomb?" Mrs. Tibbs yells, running down the kitchen. "Reno, get under the bed." Al is looking at the woman running. "Man, why did you say that in front of that old woman?" He laughs Ray laughs. "It just came out. I didn't know her ass could move that fast." Mac walks into the house, looking at Ray, concerned because he has never been ordered to come to the house before. Ray holds the package up. “Where did you get this from?” A courier delivered it. He was persistent about coming to the house to deliver it himself. He went back and forth about it for a few minutes until he realized there wasn’t anything he could say to get in there. I wrote his tag number down.” Mac is looking between Ray and Al. Al's arms are folded, and he’s giving Mac a stern look. “What did the man look like?” “Average looking, grey eyes, blonde hair with a red streak in the middle. If I had to guess his height, I would say he looked to be about 5’10. Give or take a couple of inches. Since he was sitting down, I can’t be acute.” Mac is looking at Al “If any more packages come, let the bastard in but call one of us. So, we can meet him at the door.” Ray lays the package on the console and sends Mac back to the gate. Al walks closer to Ray. “Something smells fishy. I’m not getting a good feeling about this.” “Neither am I. s**t, it has been quiet around here for five years. It looks like things it’s about to heat up around here.” Ray rubs his chin. "Yep," Al mumbles and shakes his head, thinking, "Look like Ninja Girl is about to come out."
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