~ Three ~

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Sahib had distributed the men grenades, bombs and a cresset each. Siya had none. She stood afar from them, from everyone's gaze. She had planned to join when they would start with their mission. Siya wanted people to know that women can fight too. That they can fight for their right and their people's right but unveiling herself now wasn't the smartest option and Siya knew about it. Her plan would fail without even getting started. She saw as the men ran once Sahib had instructed them how grenades worked and from what it looked Sahib had took several more meetings before to guide them. Grenade made the most destruction at a distance as near as ten meters, she knew. Siya knew Sahib was a very clever and attentive men but what she didn't knew was Sahib had an eyesight of an eagle and speed akin to that of a cheetah. When the men were running to bomb the police stations and administrative offices, Sahib saw someone hiding behind the bushes. He saw the faint floral skirt stuck in the thorns and his jaw clenched his anger and vexation. Of course it had to be the same girl. He nodded at the men before he walked in the other direction only to catch her from behind. He remembered it from when he saw her coming inside his house. Unaware of his presence behind her, Siya jumped when Sahib cleared his throat, his dark eyes glaring at her. Siya felt a shiver running down her spine as he gazed at her with his blazing eyes. She hadn't expected him to see her this quick. She quickly looked away from his dark, handsome face when she realized that they stood quite close to each other. Ma would get heart attack if she got to knew she stood this close to a half naked man. She thought. Sahib didn't understood what made the color to fill in her dusky cheeks. "What are you— a woman doing in this a place at such hour?" He asked. His voice deep and rough as he was trying to keep his anger and spleen at bay. She was just seventeen. And what would happen if any villager would see her in the forest at such dark hour. They'd question her honour, something Sahib would never condone. Not for her, especially. She knew it wouldn't be very wise to lie to him. Not when he was the man who organised all the protests, demonstrations and movements. And why should she even lie? She wasn't doing anything immoral or unacceptable. She wanted to take part in the revolution, she wanted to one of the people who fought for her motherland. She wanted to be the woman who never bent her rules down for anyone. "To take part in the revolution, what else?" She said. Her voice confident and unwavering. She didn't wanted to show Sahib that she was anywhere in doubt of her decision. Sahib sighed as he rubbed his forehead to calm himself down. Of course, she was here to break the laws. How could he forget how rebellious she was? When he was the eye witness of her rebellious action. "It's not already our doom that woman would fight for this kingdom. Tell me, Miss, do your family know that you're here at this hour to bomb the stations?" He asked, his voice shooting daggers towards her. She had no answer to his question because she was here secretly. And if her family got to know about her rebel, she wouldn't be able to step out of her house. How fair would that be? "Your silence answered my question, Miss. It would be better if you'd leave straight for your house, I have a revolution to lead." "Tell me, Sahib," She said, spitting his title like a venom. "Will you gain independence with only half of the people fighting for it? And how are you even fighting for the freedom when you yourself are controlling a mass of people, you have no right on?" Siya's words were salt on his wounds. He knew they wouldn't win unless and until every Indian fights for it. But till every woman thinks stepping out of their house as a crime, Siya would be the biggest criminal of her time. And how would he live with the fact that he couldn't save a woman's honour when he had the power. And especially when it was the very woman who fed him, when no one dared to even give him a single grain? "You're breaking the norms. You're breaking our customs." Siya smiled at his words. It's like telling the thief not to steal. "These rules and norms are made for us, Sahib. We are not made for them. If you won't allow me in your organisation, I'll fight alone. You can't control my decisions." "You'll be defamed." He argued. "Ain't I already?" She asked with an ironic smile on her face. Time was ticking. He didn't had much time left to execute his plan and Siya was too stubborn to ever get back from her words, Sahib was growing known with the fact. He sighed, his eyes glowering at the young girl standing in front of him who had fire burning in her own eyes. He couldn't deny the fact that Siya was stupidly brave. But brave, nonetheless. Which other woman had the courage to sneak out of their house to take part in a revolution, their family denied? Only Siya. He knew. "Fine. You'll come with me. You'll do as I say. No outsmarting me. Am I clear?" His authoritative voice demanded and Siya smiled. Her eyes shining at her first victory. She nodded her head, her own eyes focused on the man in front of her who has his ferocious eyes boring into her brown ones. "Sahib!" A man, in his early thirties came rushing towards them. His eyes took in the presence of a woman as young as her at such an hour. He was astounded as to why a man so brave and intelligent as Sahib would allow a woman in the battlefield? Does this woman wish to tarnish her character and image? Does she have no respect of her family? The end of the world must be near. "It will creat a havoc if women would come in the battlefield. Oh, you so brave one, how can you allow such a sin to happen?" The man asked Sahib and Siya felt her anger rising as she rolled her eyes, unladylike. Since when women fighting for their and their kingdom's right become a sin? And if she was a sinner, why was his rear getting burnt off? She, of course didn't say it out loud. "Since he knew being a male chauvinist would not earn us our freedom, Sir." She gritted out, gripping her blanket tightly to control the unbounded anger that bubbled inside her. "This woman has no filter, Sahib!" He gritted out, glaring at Siya who was also not holding back. She didn't knew since when did she had so much of power and courage as to answer a man back. But it felt good, prideful to her. Sahib took a deep breath, looking at the man who had his lips curled up in disappointment, with authority so domineering that it could have made any being on the planet to surrender. "Jayanti Lal, lead the way. Make sure no one gets caught and if they do, shoot the police. I'll guard from the back. We don't have time to argue and debate here." He said, looking at him with a look that made the man— Jayanti Lal to nod in agreement as he rushed back to lead but not before glaring one last time at the woman who had the audacity to fight along with the men. "It's funny how people doubt the power and resilience of a life bearer." Siya said. Her eyes looking at the now empty space, away from the burning gaze of Sahib that often made her courage to flush down. Something deep in those endless dark chasm of his black eyes drew her near to him. Sahib felt it painful to agree with her. No one can be mightier than the power who can bring another life on this world. If men are the blood to this world, women are the heart that pumps life in the nature. How can a women be weak? Siya was unique, her thoughts were so out of the box. One day he felt no one can be as naive as her but the very other day she proved no one can be as courageous as her. Her words held the truth of the universe, people often denied to accept but was he any different? Because it would take a lot more than his male pride to accept that Siya wasn't outrageous but it was them, him— they were machismo. "Come. Be light on your steps but fast. We need to bomb the administration." He said instead as he lead her through the rocky and muddy path, her bare foot turning angry hot and red with every stab and injury but never did she even once winced. Her excitement to be first woman fighter made her swallow every bit of her pain and ache. She knew the change was inevitable but it was bound to occur. It might take some time but change cannot be avoided. The cresset Sahib had placed in Siya's hand made their path to lighten up as it was still very dark. The royals officials were still unaware of the plan Sahib and his followers had woven from a long time now. Sahib did something different everyday to divert their attention somewhere so that they can easily bomb their offices and police. Though nothing was as simple as it looked. They had to kill people and when was every taking lives so easy? When was living with the fact that they had killed someone so easy? But it was necessary. As necessary as breathing and eating. The rest of the men were fast on their work too. They had decided the time they'd bomb the offices and stations so that they could run all at the same time. And only a few seconds were left until they executed their plans. Every spot had a group of utmost five people. They were hidden as the guards were taking their shift, guarding the offices and polices joking inside the stations. Sometimes shedding the blood becomes very important to protect their land, their people. Sahib was reluctant but ready. "Stay here. I'll go and bomb the office. And if anyone— I mean anyone approaches to hurt you or capture you, do not fear to use this. I'll keep an eye on you, though but we can't predict anything, hm?" Sahib said, his eyes as serious and raw as the fire that kept burning inside the cresset in her hold. Siya knew he was serious but she couldn't keep her curiousity hidden inside her. "Can I throw the bomb?" She asked and Sahib sighed as he shook his head because she didn't knew anything about the grenade he held and she would definitely hurt herself. "It's a grenade and no— you can't." Was his curt reply. She sighed, not arguing any more. She'd have a lot more chances in future and deep down she knew Sahib had trained the men to throw and use the bombs and weapons. She, however, was very oblivious to it. And in a slow motion, Sahib dragged his right feet back as he stretched his arm and with every ounce of power in his body he threw the grenade in the office and as soon as the bomb fell on the ground with a faint noise, they heard and saw the blast and Siya immediately ducked down, almost in reflex. She could feel the heat of the attack followed by the noise of the officials crying with pain followed by their silence. Siya felt her heart hammering inside her chest. She never witnessed a death as cruel as this before. She was being a part of mass execution and she didn't knew if it clenched her heart with remorse or it calmed her raging heart knowing freedom will be theirs, soon. And then something snapped inside her mind and she swallowed down as she gripped the dark blanket closer to her body before she jumped inside the building burning with fire. Sahib felt his eyes almost popping out of his sockets when he saw Siya jumping inside the fire before she rushed inside the building, he knew would collapse any moment now. And not to mention the officials who would be here any moment from the noise of explosion. He too jumped in the fire behind her to ensure she wouldn't do anything stupid again. And then he saw her in the Charter's room and he felt rage, anger palpating inside him. He never saw someone so thick skulled before. No one has managed to infuriate him in his whole twenty four years of life as much as this girl had did in just few minutes. "Have you lost your senses! Do you wish to die?" He shot, his words burning her from its intensity. "Can't you see the raging flames of fire or like your thoughts, even your intelligence has also turned hostile towards you?" "My intelligence and my thoughts are very much intact, Sahib. They had our money and treasure which our villagers have earned with so much of difficulty by their sweat and blood. How can we let them burn? Think how much it would help our people back." She said as she gripped the hem of her dupatta (scarf) to remove, she covered her blouse-clad bosom with, to keep the money in. Sahib's hand reached to stop her and she did before his hands could've touched her. His eyes respectfully gazed down as he removed the white clothe he had covered his chest with. The dupatta (scarf) was very much like her reputation. Though a material couldn't be a parameter for her reputation but he didn't wish to defame her in any way. Siya felt her heart soaring inside her chest. She bit her lips as she accepted the clothe and placed the money and some jewellery they must have collected as taxes, securely in the clothes before they rushed out. Sahib and Siya ran towards the river before he nodded his head, showing his palm to Jayanti Lal, telling him he that he was successful in his task and asking him silently to take the villagers back to their place, leaving them alone, all again.
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