Chapter 1

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POV: Lydia Beep... Beep.. Beep.... Beep..... Ugh. I groan getting up out of bed. One day I would just like to be able to sleep in. Unfortunately that won't happen. At least not for a little while longer. It's three in the morning. The sun hasn't even come up yet. I get up every morning at this time. I get to make breakfast for an entire packhouse full of hungry werewolves. I tell you this werewolves can eat. I don't know where they put all of it. I get changed into a pair of leggings and a red plaid button down shirt. I just throw my hair up into a bun. It will end up like that at the end of the day anyway. Then I slip my shoes on and tip toe my way down the stairs. Heaven forbid I wake anyone up. I live on the top floor of the packhouse which is the alpha floor. Now why would they let a human girl that is treated worse than an omega stay on the alpha floor? That would be because I'm the luna's daughter and if I stayed anywhere else that would look bad on her. Not that my mother cares about me or anything. She would have rather my dad left me where he found me. I enter the kitchen. I sigh at the sight. I swear wolves are so lazy. They can't do anything for themselves. I sometimes wonder what would happen to a pack if you took out the omega rank. I believe omegas should be more respected than even the alpha. They do everything for the pack and get no thank you in return. The omegas act like it's no big deal but maybe I just think this way because I'm human. Nana Darlene says it's a human way of thinking. Nana Darlene is the head omega of the pack and more of a mother to me than my own. I wash all the dishes in the sink that everyone used during the night. After I put coffee on to brew. "Oh is that coffee I smell." Emma comes in. Emma is an older lady. She does breakfast every morning with me. She's an omega. "Yes it will be done in a few minutes. I just put the oven on preheat." I tell her. "Bless you Lydia." Emma says. Thats my name, Lydia Rae Grayson. I'm 17 years old. My birthday will be in two weeks. Not that anyone will remember. "What is on the menu this morning?" Emma asks. "Alpha requested muffins. Then we will be cooking eggs, bacon, biscuits, yogurt parfaits and fruit." I answer. I'm the one that writes up the menu everyday. My mother is a horrible Luna. I do her job. No one knows I do it though. Well some do. The ones that I have to deal with as Luna anyway. Nana Darlene knows since she's the head omega. Emma gets started on the bacon while I mix up the muffins. Alpha Conrad was the one that requested the muffins so I make his favorite. His favorite are blueberry. I make some chocolate chip as another choice. I like choices. I don't get many so anywhere I can create choices I do. Even if I don't get to participate in those choices that I create. While Emma and I cook breakfast we eat as we go. It's easier that way and saves time. I do the same thing at lunch and dinner. While I finish cooking I'll tell you a little bit more about myself. You maybe wondering how I ended up living with a den of wolves. Well in short I was adopted. My Dad wanted me. I was about a year old when he adopted me from an orphanage. My mom couldn't have children and dad wanted kids so he adopted me. He didn't care that I was human. My mom didn't want me. I lost my dad when I was five. It was hard. The only reason mom didn't put me out on the streets then was due to her image. It was six months later when she moved us here to the Moon Dust Pack. My step dads are the absolute worst. Yes is said dads as in more than one. This pack has twin Alphas. Conrad and Conner. I'm not really liked here. I was never allowed to go to school. If anyone asked I was to say that I'm home schooled. I'm only treated nicely for appearances but behind the scenes it's not so nice. Emma and I finish cooking breakfast. Now we set it all out at the buffet table. Emma sets up the kettles for those who prefer tea. I set the coffee machines to brew and arrange the juices. Then I set a bowl of fruit out. We don't cut it up. I do put knives out next to it for those that want to cut it. I'm not doing all the work for them. If they want their stuff cut up like their children then they can do it themselves. I know that may be petty but I don't really care. In the kitchen I make Conner and Conrad's plates along with my mother's. The Alpha d***s eat down here with the rest of the pack while my mother likes to have hers in bed. I take her tray up to her room careful to not wake her. I'd be in so much trouble if I did that. Then I go back to the kitchen where Emma and I clean the kitchen up. "Why did you make blue berry? You know I like strawberry." Oh why me? This is Tiffany. Her high scratchy voice just grates on my nerves. "Because Alpha Conrad requested them. If you don't like it take it up with him. I'm just following orders." I tell her like she's a child since she's acting like one. Of course that never goes well and I get my first slap in the face of the day. Yay me. "Don't talk to me like I'm a child! Why not just do the chocolate chip one as strawberry?" "Because that is Alpha Conner's favorite and I wasn't going to upset them both and most of everyone else rather the chocolate chip. Sorry your favorite didn't make the cut today. Maybe next time." I don't back down from them. Well Tiffany anyway. I can handle her. "You just think your so great. Your nothing. You don't even belong here." I roll my eyes at her. Tell me something I don't already know. "Babe come on let's go. I'm starving. Leave the little human alone." I still can't believe that Nathan is her mate. Nathan winks at me. Nathan is the Gamma's son and my friend in secret. Nathan drags her off. In a lot of ways Nathan is a lot like my big brother. There aren't many people that are nice to me here. The Gamma family is nice to me. Gamma Alex is more of a father to me than the alphas are. I look up to him very much. Sometimes I wish he could adopt me. Now that the kitchen is all cleaned up I go on to my next task only to be stopped. "Burden breakfast now." Conrad snaps at me. I grab the plates i set aside for them and set them in front of them. "Where's my apple?" Conner asks. I turn around walking away rolling my eyes so they don't see. I grab an apple and a knife and set next to his plate. "Cut it for me." He orders. These are the two I don't stand up to. I learned my lesson about that a long time ago. People like to think I'm weak for just taking all the abuse and not standing up for myself. It also doesn't help that they think I'm weak just for being human. What they don't know or realize is I have stood up but it makes no difference. I have the scars to prove it. Conrad is worse than Conner. I just cut the stupid apple up for him. I hate them both. Unfortunately they're my step fathers. After I get done with the apple I go to leave but Conrad stops me. "Wait. Don't think I can't see your attitude. This is your one warning you get today. Lose it." He demands. "Yes." Is all I say and walk away. Ugh! I hate them. What attitude was I showing? All I did was what they wanted. Thats all I ever do. I blow it off since there is nothing I can do to stop it. I go grab the Alphas laundry. I'm to do their laundry and clean their rooms twice a week. I do my mother's the same way. The three all get done on the same day. The laundry room is in the basement. We have eight washers and dryers. I'm able to do it all at the same time. I always leave three washers open in case someone else needs them. Most people in the Packhouse actually do do their own laundry so that is a plus. The omegas just clean the guest rooms and common rooms. I don't deal with those tasks. I handle the kitchen. You could say the kitchen is my baby. Though I have another baby but you'll see that later. Once I have the clothes going in the washers I now go back to the kitchen where I will find Nana Darlene. Apparently she's The Alpha d***s aunt. Their mother was an omega and Nana Darlene was her sister. You would think with that the pack would be better appreciative of omegas. "Hey Nana." I greet her. "Oh Lydia. Come. Let's talk." She leads me into her office. We sit down. "So our little acting Luna what's on the agenda today?" She ask. She always calls me that. My mother is suppose to do this but as I said she makes me do all of her Luna duties but I'm to keep the alphas from finding that out. "Well there is nothing special going on. So we can rotate tasks. The same as yesterday." "OK sounds great. Now about our food stock. It's running low." Nana says. "Yes I know. I will handle the orders today and go shopping. I just need you to order the champagne. Can I borrow your car?" "Yes you may. I will get right on that champagne. What would you like for your birthday?" She's probably the only person that knows or remembers. "Nothing. You know that will be the last day that I will be here." On my 18th birthday i am leaving. I will finally be free. Just two more weeks and it will all be over. "I know dear but I would like to get you something special." She says. "Being able to leave is my gift." I tell her. "Oh well alright. Now on to tomorrow's menu." "Pancakes and waffles, tomato basil bisque with grilled cheese and cheese burgers, lasagna with a green salad and meatloaf." I answer. "You always did like giving choices but those choices are very much liked by the pack." "Well if we're done here I have paperwork to make my mother sign." She waves me away. My mother should be up by now. I go to her room to see that she has finished eating. "Why are you in here?" She questions like we don't do this every single day. "Paperwork mother. And I need the card. I have to restock supplies and food." She rolls her eyes. "Dont tell me what to do!" She slaps me angrily. I wouldn't have to tell you if you would just do it yourself. "Great. Now can we please go do this and I'll give you a treat after we're done." I say. You would think that would make her mad but it doesn't. My mom likes treats. I can get her to do a lot of things for a treat. "I want oreos and a massage." She says. "I will call the massuer and get them." I swear it's like taking care of a child with her. Aren't I suppose to be the child. We go to her office and I gather the papers that need to be signed today. "Now sign here on the line." I instruct her. She signs as I've asked. "Here's the card. Conner said the limit for supplies and food this month is $5,000." That's just great. Thats three thousand less than normal. It's fine. It wouldn't be the first time I've had to make some harsh budget choices. No steaks this month. "OK. The menu has been sent to be approved. You can go give these to the alphas and I will check your phones and emails later. I have chores to do." "Wait my treat!" Right. I grab the phone on her desk and make the call. I get one of the omegas to send up her oreos. She's satisfied now. One would think my mother's development is off from how she just acted but no. I assure you she is very capable of acting like an adult. My mother likes for things to be done for her. My mother was very spoiled as a child and she expects that from life. She likes money and object. She likes to get something new. Shopping is her life but she likes fun shopping not the serious we need this shopping. I do the serious part. I go swap the clothes out into the dryer and put some sheets in. I go up and clean Conrad's room. He scares me the most and I don't want to upset him so anything I do for him is done first. I'm not to worried about my mom. I can handle her. It's the alphas I can't handle. After I've cleaned Conrad's bedroom I go get the keys from Nana Darlene. I won't be cooking lunch today since I have errands to run and orders to place. I don't have a car or a license but that doesn't stop me from driving. Nana Darlene taught me to drive. When I get out I will officially get a license. I don't even have a phone. I use Nana Darlene's when I'm out in case something happens. "Hey short stack where you off too?" Nathan runs up to me. I look around to make sure no one sees. "Relax no one is around." "Errands. You?" I ask him. "Oh you know me." He says. "In other words your in trouble and hiding out. I'm not hiding you. I will however kick your ass later." "You wish. Dad said to tell you that he will be a little late today and that we should get started without him." I train everyday with Nathan and Alex. It's a Luna thing. My mom is suppose to but I do it in her place. Alex and Nathan cover that for me. They are the few people that know what I do. "OK I'll see you then. I got to go. I have other things to do today." I get in the car. Nate waves me goodbye. After my errands are all done and orders are placed i go up to Conner's room and clean. Then I do moms. I clean their bathrooms once a week and that is not today. Now I get to do my favorite thing of the day. It's a Luna thing. I visit the orphanage and daycare where I help out. All the kids come running up to me when they see me. "Oh my goodness. What have we been up today." "OK kids let's let miss Grayson in and she will read you all a story." Charlie says. She's one of the omegas that work here. "Yay!" All the kids clap and jump around. "Alright. All of you go sit on the carpet in a circle and be quiet." I tell them all. "How have they been today?" I ask Charlie. "Oh you know being kids. Though little Mia hasn't wanted to sleep today. She's been fussy all day. Do you think you could." "Yeah I just go grab her now. She will probably fall asleep to the story." Mia is a nine month old baby that has been orphaned. She has only taken to me. She doesn't like for others to hold her or touch her. If I could adopt her I would in a second. I can't afford to though. I don't even get paid doing what I do in the Packhouse. Everyone else does but me. "Hey baby girl. Let's go read a story." I coo picking her up from the crib. She snuggles her little face into my chest. Awe. I sit down in the rocking chair in front of all the kids. We're reading a book about a witch that eats a bunch of random things. Just like I thought Mia went right on to sleep. "OK let's go play in the play room so Mia can sleep." I whisper to the kids. They all go to the playroom and play while I put down Mia in the crib. "You know you should really think about adopting her. She only likes you." Charlie says. "I wish I could. She is such a precious baby but I have no way of taking care of her." I say sadly. I will miss this when I'm gone. "Miss Grayson look what I made." "A butterfly. Good job." I say encouraging the little boys art. He runs along. I play around with the kids for a while before I have to go. I say goodbye to Mia. She was so tired she slept the whole time I was here. Now I get to train. As Nathan told me earlier Alex ran a little late. "Hey so what are we doing today?" I ask Nate. "Attacks." Ugh. I can defend but my attacks still need work. "Looks like today I'm going to win." Nathan smirks. "In your dreams giant." I say. He calls me short stack because I'm literally five foot tall and I call him the giant because he's tall. "Yeah than attack me." I run towards him to attack him only for him to dodge me. I have to be cleaver when I fight with him. I'm smaller and slower than him. He's bigger, faster and stronger than me. Fighting a werewolf is not so easy. "I thought you said you were going to kick my ass. Come on what was that." He teases. We circle around. I give off signals that I'm going to go left to him. He picks them up. Sometime a little trickery is in order. I go right instead with him now blocking his left. I tackle him down. "OK. OK. You win. Nice trick." Nate says. Clapping is heard. We look up to see Alex there grinning. "Good job. What are you doing letting her trick you like that." He says to us. "Hey all her signals said she was going to come left. I saw nothing that indicated she was coming right." Nathan defends himself. "Mhm. Again." Alex instructs. We go again. This time he anticipates my trick winning this round. "Oh you lose. Here i thought you said you were going to kick my ass today." I narrow my eyes at him. "Watch it Nate. Your going to make her mad." My anger is my best weapon. I can use it to my advantage. "Thats what she needs. She knows to use it and yet she's staying neutral." Nathan says. "Again." Alex says. We go for a third round. I'm able to get behind him and get Nathan to the ground. He however swipes my legs while he's down hovering over me I flip us pushing his neck going for the kill. "And your dead." "Damn. Killed by a girl." He shakes his head. "Let's practice our punches. Be easy this time Nathan. Remember no one can know she does this." Last time there was a little accident i had bruises on my knuckles and palms. That was fun to come up with excuses for. "Yes I know. Thats why I brought these." Nathan hands me a pair of padded gloves. He holds his hands out and I punch his hands practicing my punches. He practices his punches on Alex. "Have you eaten anything today Lydia?" Alex asks me. He told me to call him Alex and not by Gamma. "I ate breakfast but I had to skip lunch. I was busy." I answer. He frowns. "They work you to hard. Here i brought you this." He hands me a sandwich. "Thanks." "Ah dad I got to go. Tiffany is calling me." Nathan says. I roll my eyes. "Alright have fun." "Oh I plan too." Nathan says running off. I don't get it. He likes Tiffany just because she's his mate. He didn't before and all of a sudden he can't get enough of her. I know mate are a big deal to wolves but I still find it strange. "Whats that look about?" I sigh. "I just don't see how he can not care for her one minute and then he is suddenly madly in love with her." I admit. "It's a fated mate thing. You won't ever understand it because your human unless by some chance you are fated to a wolf." I arch an eyebrow at him. "Humans and wolves mates? Haha yeah right. They don't even like me. Very few do." I say. "Yes. It happens. Not often but it does. If that was to happen you would get it then because you would feel it." Alex explains. "You know your the only one that actually teaches me things." I say. "Yeah the puberty talk was fun wasn't it." He jokes. "Oh no don't remind me." That was not a fun day. I had started my period for the first time and had no idea what was going on. My mom never taught me anything. I thought something was wrong with me. I got so scared I ended up telling Alex what was going on and he laughed. He told me what was happening and took me to Blair which is his mate. She took care of me after that. She gets me pads to use. I was scared to use the tampon. "Are you ok?" He ask. He asks me this every day. "I have to tell you something." I say. I haven't told him I'm leaving yet. "What is it?" "I'm leaving in two weeks on my birthday. I can't be here anymore." I admit. "As much as I want you to stay i know that you going is the best thing for you. Do you have everything you need to go?" "I don't know. Nana is giving me her car so if anything I can just stay in that until I can get a job and a place to stay. I don't really have anything else planned." I reveal. "OK. Let me help. I don't like you doing that." I try to protest but he won't hear it. "OK fine. I should get going i have to go start dinner." I say. I'd like to take a shower but what would the point be in that. I'll just end up needing to take one again. Tonight were making chicken Alfredo and chicken tacos. We do a dessert with dinner every night. Tonight is a request from my mother which is a oreo cheesecake. Then we will serve chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are fast and easy to whip up. Those are always a big hit. It's more of us doing lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the only meal that only Emma and I cook. Why that is I have no idea. I think that breakfast is a punishment type of deal. Emma only does it because she gets paid extra for doing it and she has kids in college. Remember when I said that I'm treated worse than an omega. This is what I mean. Omegas get to go to school and get paid. They aren't ties to just being a maid. They do other things to. Some are just maids and some do other thing that the rest of the pack doesn't want to do. I don't get anything. I know I haven't shown you one of my normal days but to be fair today is one of my better days and errand days are normally the better ones. I'm not here to get hit and bullied. Dinner is all done and served. "Burden! Food now." Conner says angry. Great. I grab their plates. My mom already came and hot hers. She doesn't really eat to much with the pack. She does sometimes in outside on the porch for lunch. Tonight she went up to her room with her food. I place their plates in front of them. "Burden where were you at lunch?" Conrad asks. This is about the time things get bad for me. They always notice when I'm not where I should be. "I skipped because I had to finish the laundry." It's not a total lie. They both narrow their eyes at me. "You lie. You have one more chance. Your third and I have been very nice today. Tell me the truth." Conrad demands. He's right he has been on the nicer side today. What am I suppose to tell him? I was out running errands that my mom is suppose to do because she's to lazy to. I had to do all of her duties so I disappeared for a few hours. Sorry you chose the wrong Luna. Yeah that will go over nicely. "I.. i..I was um doing something for Nana Darlene." I say. She'll vouch for me right?" Conrad smirks. "No she was having lunch with us and had no idea where you were." I frown. Damn. "Seems were lying today Burden. Go wait in my office for us now. Three slashes. Get the belt out." Conner orders. f**k! You get to witness one of my punishments. Those three slashes equivilate to six. Thats three each. The belt is for something else though. "I hate both of you." I say storming off to the office. I'm already in trouble whats the point in playing nice. I hear one of them growl behind me as I left. The first time they slashed me I was nine years old. It was that day I swore id never cry again. Crying only ever makes things worse. I grab the belt from the drawer that it stays in. I take my shirt off like I'm supposed to. I own sit in the chair waiting still wearing my leggings and bra. The slashing is why I can never wear a crop top or swim suit. My body is hideous. Twenty minutes later they arrive. Conrad takes the belt from me. "It's an extra s***h for back talking. When will you learn?" He says. What does it matter anyway? You know the sad part about this. I don't even flinch from the pain anymore. One shouldn't get used to pain like I have. I'm used to several form of pain. "Stand." Conner orders. I stand. They each s***h a cut in my back with their claws four times. Thats eight total. It hurts and burns but I welcome it. It only fuels my hatred for them. Every scar they have caused is nothing but a reminder of much I am unloved and unwanted. Conrad takes the belt and spanks me. I still flinch a little to this part. Especially when the belt hits my back and it does. He does it on purpose to. "Now go clean the kitchen by yourself tonight since you don't want to do your chores like told to do." Conner orders. I grab my shirt glaring at them. I hate them. I hurry out of there before they can do anything else to me. This is why I where red and black shirts a lot. Blood doesn't show as well in them. Sad thing is this was still one of my best days. How pathetic is that. It takes me four hours to clean everything including the dining room. I set the coffee pot ready to brew in the morning. I wish I knew why Conner and Conrad hate me so much. I did nothing to them. Wait I know what I did. I was born. That's what it all come down to. I can't wait to be free. Just two more weeks and I'm gone. If I can't get out alive that day I will in death. I know it's wrong but I can't do this anymore. I'm done. I have a knife hidden in my room as a backup. I'm getting out to freedom one way or the other. I don't want to do it that way but if when push comes to shove I will. It's not like they will care anyway. I'm a Burden. They make sure that I know it every single day of my life. Maybe I'm being punished for something I did in another life. Who ever I was I wish I didn't do it because this life sucks. "Well. Well. Well. What do we have here. Lydia." Oh no.
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