Chapter 21: Tim Pissed Him Off

782 Words

Jake's hand snaked out and grabbed his friend's shirt. “Are you saying you didn't?" Tim looked at his shirt fisted in Jake's hand, then back at the man. “Maybe we shouldn't talk about Chelsea." Eyeing his hand, then taking deep breaths, he let go. “Maybe you're right. Let's go get those steaks." Was it worth pissing off the guy that may be his one friend in this town? **** The ringing phone startled Chelsea out of a dream. Someone had been making pretty hot love to her. Damn, she couldn't see his face. She hated when that happened. “Chels, for you," Brad called from down the hall. She blinked and stretched before picking up her extension, a white slim line. Hearing the click of her brother hanging up, she put the receiver to her ear. A croaky “Hello?" came out and she cleared her th

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