Chapter 2

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"Carlisle POV" Tonight I went into the city for a party. There was a blonde sucking my d**k when my phone rang. I looked at the caller Id. It was a number that I didn't't recognize. I usually don't answer those calls. But for some strange reason, I felt like I had to answer this one. It turns out to be my cousin, Ana she asks me to pick her up from a school dance. She said she wasn't't feeling good. I told her I would be there in about thirty minutes. After I hung up I pull the blonde by her hair, pulling her off my d**k. The blonde was not happy about me stopping her. So I told her my driver will bring her to me later tonight. That seemed to put a huge smile on her face. Yes, I know I am a man w***e. But I plan on settling down when I meet a good pure woman. She has to be a virgin. I don't want anyone that has been touched, ruin. Yes, I have been with a lot of women. But my wife has to good girl. I guess it was about five or six years ago. I saw a very young girl, she was so beautiful. But she was too young. She looked to be around fifteen or sixteen. She was fighting in an underworld fight. Damn, she won the fight, I lost a bundle betting against her. I didn't think she was that good by looking at her size and how beautiful she was. But I was wrong. After a few months, I went back looking for her. She wasn't there. So I went back a few more times. But she never showed up again. One day I finally asked the owner about her, he said she retired. That she was the best damn fighter he had ever seen. He didn't know her real name. She only went by Niki. I still don't know why I was looking or asking about her. She was too young, hadn't filled out yet. But it was something about her that made my heart skip a few beats. That is something I had never experienced before or again. I always wonder what she was doing. Sometimes I get mad thinking about her, with another man or kids that weren't mine. Silly I know, but I liked her. When Buford, my driver turn into the school parking lot. I saw Ana and a lady walking in front of a sports car. She was hugging Ana. "Why are they standing outside the school waiting," I thought to myself. I got out of the SUV, walking over to them. She was still hugging Ana and Ana's arms is wrapped around her. I smelt Jasmine, the woman smell like Jasmine, my favorite. When she looked up at me, she looked dead into my eyes. I froze for a minute. It seems like she did too. I swear we had a moment. She was so f*****g beautiful. Ana introduces her as Miss. Brady. I wanted to know her first name so I said, Miss. She said her name was Heavenlee. I can't get her or her name out of my head. The only thing I could think to say to her was a nice car. What the hell was wrong with me. "I could tell she's not like those sluts I have been with. She did look familiar, but she was not the type that runs in my circle." I needed to find out more about her." I kept thinking. **** Carlisle and Ana are in the back seat of his SUV. He still can't get Heavenlee off his mind. "Are you feeling better? " He asks Ana looking at her. "Yes," Ana is looking out the window. "It's Heavenlee a good teacher? " He still looking at her. Carlisle is hoping that she knew more about that beautiful woman. "Are you interested in her?" Ana turns to look at him. Carlisle laughs looking out the window. He turns back around looking at her. "Maybe I am." He's smiling nodding his head. "What do you want to know, just ask me," Ana said looking at him "Does she have a boyfriend or is she engaged? " He nods his head looking at her. Ana doesn't waste any time "She's not engaged or been married, never had a boyfriend. She loves her dog Piper, that's her baby." "Why doesn't she date? It's something wrong with her? " He leans his head back looking at her confused. "No, she is just waiting on the right one. She wears a purity ring on her left pinky finger." Ana looks out the window. "How do you know all of this?" He smiles looking at her. "I asked her about s*x while we were waiting for you," Ana said "Tell me what else she said," Carlisle said looking at her. He wanted to know everything about her. "She's waiting on that special man. Ms. Brady said that she had seen a man years ago, she knew he's the one. But he's older and doesn't even know she exists." Ana said looking at Carlisle. It makes me so f*****g mad to think of her making love to someone else besides me. "What the hell is wrong with me? I need to get to know her, I want her." Carlisle was thinking **** "I can't believe after all these years, tonight I finally met Carlisle Manzo. He's probably got a wife and kids or a hand full of girlfriends. He still is fine and handsome as ever. " I need to stop acting like a schoolgirl with a crush. Besides he would have to be tamed to be with one woman. That will never happen." She's thinking when her phone rings bringing her out of her thoughts. She looks at her phone thinking "Who is calling me this time of night, " Hello Hi: Heavenlee? Heavenlee: Yes, this is she. Carlisle: This is Carlisle, Ana's cousin Heavenlee: It's she okay? Carlisle: Yes, she's fine. I wanted to thank you again for taking care of her. I also wanted to make sure you made it home safe. Heavenlee: You are welcome. Yes, I made it okay. Thank you for asking. Carlisle: Do you eat? Heavenlee: Yes I do eat. (smiling) Carlisle: I meant would you like to go out with me to eat. Heavenlee: Yes, I would Carlisle: Good, I will pick you up in 15 minutes. Heavenlee: You mean right now? You don't know my address. Carlisle: Yes, right now, and yes I do know where you live. Ana told me. Heavenlee: Will jeans be okay to wear? Since I don't know where we are going. Carlisle: Jeans are good, but I would love to see you in a dress. Light blue is my favorite color. See you in a few minutes. "End of call" Heavenlee runs to her closet looking for a light blue dress. She's not thinking about why she's wearing a dress. Just because he asked her to. She comes across a knee-length light blue halter dress. "Not showing too much, it is just right." She's looking in a mirror with the dress laying against her. She takes her hair out of the ponytail she wore to the school party "Good thing she took a shower when she first came home tonight." She's applying some makeup but just a little. Because Heavenlee is a natural beauty who doesn't require much makeup. She smiles when she remembers that Ana doesn't know where she lives. No one at the school knew either. Heavenlee is looking in the mirror. When the doorbell rings, she catches her breath. Piper is barking, looking at the door. She opens the door after looking at him, through the hidden camera she had installed on her porch. Carlisle walks in hands her a dozen roses, kisses her cheek. He smiles, looking at her dressed in a light blue dress. "Light Blue looks good on you, then to anything would look good on you." He's still smiling looking at her "Thank you. God, he smells so good," she is thinking as she blushes "Piper, be good while I'm gone. Mommy will be back soon." Heavenlee is looking at her puppy. Piper goes to her bed, lays down looking up at Heavenlee. "Cute dog," Carlisle looks at Piper. He remembered what Ana said about her dog being her baby. He catches Heavenlee hands and leads her to the Suv. "That's Al my bodyguard and the driver is Buford." He looks at the two men "Hi," Heavenlee smiles looking at both of the men. "Carlisle, what do you do that needs bodyguards?" She's looking at Al "I own a couple of companies and some people would say I'm not a nice man." He looks at her worried about how she would take that. "Oh well, I don't go by what others say. I like to form my own opinions." Heavenlee smiles at him Carlisle is smiling, nodding his head. When they arrive at the restaurant. There were only a few cars was in the parking lot. Buford pulls up to the front door of the restaurant. Carlisle steps out, holds his hand out to her. She places her hand in his. Heavenlee and Carlisle walk into the restaurant, she sees a few waitresses and waiters. The waitress is smiling at him. But he never takes his eyes off of Heavenlee. A red-headed waitress comes over to the table. She's smiling at him, ignoring Heavenlee. The waitress asks could she bring him something to drink. She leans down closer to him. Her top is open, due her trying to show him her breasts. Carlisle excuses himself goes over to talk with a man in a suit. The man follows him back to our table, excuses the waitress. He said his name is "Edward and he will be serving us tonight." "Everyone out," Carlisle said as he turns around looking at everyone. "What's going on? "She's looking at him than at the furious waitress walking away. "Well, I didn't like the way that waitress disrespected you. No one can and will disrespect you." He winks at her Heavenlee smiles at him. She felt good that he would do that. "Tell me about herself," Carlisle sits back in the chair giving her his full attention. Heavenlee tells him that she's an only child. Her parents died in a car accident when she was thirteen. How her uncle and his wife took everything from her. She said that she left that life behind her. That she had only one friend since she been here. That was Victor, who was like a second father to her. He died not too long ago from Colon Cancer. Then she takes a sip of her wine. "How did you put yourself through college?" Carlisle takes a few sips of his wine. He was curious about that. " My parents had some money saved up for me before they died. So I bought my house, finish high school online, and went on to graduate from college." She's looking at him. Carlisle is impressed with her being strong. But he couldn't find a weakness in her so far to make her his. Carlisle wanted her to be his and no one else. "Have you been dating much? As beautiful as you are, I'm sure you get asked out a lot." He wants confirmation about what Ana had told him. "No, I don't date. I went out with one and a half guys before. The first one I left before dinner was brought to the table. He wasn't the one for me. The second one I changed my mind about him. Before I made it out my door." Heavenlee is nodding her head, She places a forkful of salad in her mouth. "So if you leave before we finish eating then I shouldn't call you again? " He laughs "I'm enjoying myself. You are easy to talk to." She pats his hand that is on the table. Besides Victor, she had never told anyone about her past. "Now that you know my story. What is yours?" He starts by telling her that he is also an only child. His parents are still alive. They live only twenty minutes from him. He owns a financial and publishing company. Has never been in a serious relationship. He doesn't date but has women around him a lot. "I'm sorry for sounding like a jerk," Carlisle's wondering if she going to run. Heavenlee smiles nodding her head. She is happy to hear that wasn't married. But didn't the like fact that he had sluts around him. Carlisle knew she didn't like it when he said he doesn't date. It was the way she looked at him. "Now she knows I'm a man whore." He is thinking while looking for her to get up and leave, but she didn't. That pleases him a lot. Now he wants confirmation if she is a virgin. He couldn't just come out and ask her. He remembered the purity ring Ana told him about. He looks at her left hand, he sees the ring. Now he just needs her to tell him what it is. "I have never seen a ring like that before. Was that your mother's ring?" He's holding her hand looking at it. "No, it's my purity ring." She says proudly "Your purity ring?" Carlisle asks looking at her. "Yes, it means I'm a virgin." She said smiling "It's a nice ring. Sorry if I was being too personal." He's still looking at her ring then at her. "Nothing to be sorry about. I'm proud of it." She looks at her ring then at a smiling Carlisle But that was all he wanted to know. "She will belong to me." She is not stupid, she knew he knows what a purity ring is. "He probably has never seen one before, because of the women that he hangs around. He wanted her to tell him she is a virgin." Heavenlee's thinking
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