Satsuki and Cakes

1873 Words

When the train stopped at the station before the station for the school, Satsuki's sister and her friend went out of the train car as soon as the door opened. On the other hand, I waited for at least before it closed to stand up and leave. After I messaged Satsuki about her sister, I ended up telling her to get down and meet her for a bit. She would be here at the station, welcoming her sister and her friend who will stay at their house for this weekend. Now I wonder why her sister brought that huge bag if they will only stay until tomorrow. Compared to her, her friend was only carrying a small designer handbag, slung on her shoulder. As I walked out of the station, the two were walking slowly a distance away in front of me. However, even from afar, I already saw the tall and lovely gi

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