Fishing an answer from my mouth

1063 Words

It’s the same room that I had already been to many times before. However, I could certainly feel the invisible pressure pressing down on my shoulders.   Am I afraid to meet her?   No.   What I was afraid of was if the way she would look at me now had already changed.   She cried the last time I was here. And although I returned and held her in my arms, nothing about our situation had changed.   I saw her last when I walked Nami to her house and back then, we didn’t really have the chance to talk to each other. She messaged me once on Messenger but that’s it.   I never ran into her these past few days and even if I messaged her, she’s only responding normally and we never had any decent conversation.   I also didn’t try to push it lest she found it annoying.   That’s why thi

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