Skill Test (1)

1542 Words

After spending a satisfying hour together at the love hotel, Sena and I finally arrived at the Boxing Gym albeit a bit later than what she asked for. Because of that, Coach Ayu had her eyebrows knitted together as soon as we appeared at the gym. With her legs crossed and two sets of boxing gloves on both of her sides, she tapped it twice which made the girl who's clinging onto my arm gulp down in fear. "I'm sorry Coach Ayu, it's my fault that we're late. You don't have to be mad at her." I said to take the blame off Sena. Well, it's really my fault that we had to extend our time for more than 15 minutes. Sena specifically dressed that lovely for me, it's a shame not to savor every minute with her. "Onoda-kun… Back then, you're too strict with her. Why are you taking her side now?" With

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