It's just a meeting

1448 Words

Because of Ogawa, Saki ended up crawling out of being the bully-turned-bullied to a Friend A. She was thankful for him. Truly. And that’s one of the reasons why she answered Ogawa when I asked her if she’s interested in someone. However, because of how she began seeing herself as inferior after that swift change in her status, she never truly tried to express that. Or she wasn’t too interested to pursue it. In the end, she became their lovely friend who was always there to set the mood, open up a new topic if there’s none and connect them like glue. Perhaps if there was no Saki in their circle, they would be like a stuck-up group who would eventually fail to bond and disband. Ogawa was only truly focused on chasing after Nami. Hina was chasing after Ogawa and the list went on. They all

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