Taking the chance in the bus (1)

1469 Words

“Hmm? You two... Care to explain to me what you are doing?” I silently asked the two girls at my side. At the moment, we’re now comfortably sitting inside the bus with Nami and Hina taking both of my sides. We’re naturally at the back of the bus. Nami took the window-side and there were no other passengers around us except Shizu and Saki that were sitting on the two-seater in front of us rather than the empty seats next to Hina. Thinking back to how they acted earlier when Saki and Shizu took my sides, this was most likely their arrangement. Or they did their internal lottery when I was sending the other girls to the train station. Compared to a train that had only one straight line, this bus had numerous stops it needed to pass by. Remembering the information about the route of this

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