Spending the Time Alone

1280 Words

With the remaining time left for the PE, since there’s no Orimura-sensei who I thought would be waiting for me there and Eguchi-sensei only asked why I showed up, I got time for myself again. Perhaps I would see them again after I was done with my Secretary Job for Shizu to ask if that ramen they promised was still on. With what happened yesterday, Orimura-sensei could probably change her mind so I had to ask. I had options of going to the infirmary again and seeing Hina but… Kikuchi was with her and she’s just faking her sickness. It would be somewhat pointless. I could only talk to her later when I visited their club again or when I sent them to the bus station. Shio might be resting in her room as well but there’s no valid excuse for me to see her. As for Ogawa, given that it’s Frid

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