Better Position (2)

1459 Words

“W-what are you…” As soon as she felt my fingers digging into her slender waist, Izumi-senpai almost stuttered as she tried to understand this situation. “That’s too late of a reaction, senpai. Don’t lump me with those dogs of yours. You said it yourself. I’m a dangerous guy to spend time with. I like you and I will be proving it to you with my actions rather than barking like those dogs of yours.” After saying that, my fingers tightened as I lifted her from her seat, carrying her to my lap. Because of the suddenness of the situation, Izumi-senpai failed to resist. Moreover, her body weight was light enough that it was easy for me to carry her from where she was sitting and place her on my lap. Furthermore, our chairs were just right in front of each other. I didn’t have to stand up f

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