Surprisingly Adorable

1540 Words

Upon returning home, Aoi and Ria, who were busily studying together, stood up and welcomed us back. Following that, Aoi put on a frown that’s obviously an act went to my side and complained, “Darling, I can’t understand Ria’s explanation, help me~” And that’s complete with her round eyes blinking, imitating those cutesy characters. Whatever she was trying to do, it didn’t fit her character. I mean, look at her body, her posture, her face and the way she dressed herself. More than a cutesy act, she’d be more believable if she came off strong like a delinquent, with both of her hands pocketed in her coat or soft jacket. Well, at the moment, she’s wearing a sleeveless blouse, the type that should be worn during summer. I could faintly see the trace of her brassiere wrapped around her perky

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