Uncontrollable *

1465 Words

As soon as I stepped inside her room, my eyes were instantly drawn towards my beautiful teacher, smiling beautifully at me as she rested comfortably on her sofa. “Lock the door, Ruru. Then come here.” Shio said as she opened her arms wide, asking me to slip inside her embrace. Her appearance today, including what I witnessed earlier, was undeniably too alluring. It’s like her whole body was exuding her womanly charms. Or pheromones on that matter. And even if I was still a few steps away from her, my heart had begun beating quickly for her. Following her words, I locked the door and my feet excitedly brought me to her sofa and into her arms. As always, it’s big enough for us to lay down together. With my face easily burying inside her heavenly bust, her milky sweet womanly scent furth

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