Why am I only Hearing this now?

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Around 10 minutes later, Yua was now straddling me back on the table after that heated moment for us. Although already clothed, the way she clung to my shoulders and sat on that bulge on my pants was still somewhat affecting. Nonetheless, after a round in that door where we made use of it to finish what we started, we're now in this position to let her rest before going back to that room. Out of all positions, she chose this. She wanted to continue looking at me while my arms were fully embracing her. I guess I'm spoiling her right now but seeing that satisfied and lovely smile hanging on her lips was enough to cast away any thoughts of rejecting her. "I will be going then, Ruki." "Un. I will go back to that room later. If that guy pestered you once more, don't hesitate to tell me, alr

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