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Personally, as long as my desire still burns, being interested in another girl and working on them to make them mine wasn’t really weighing on my mind. The only complication in that particular case would be my continuous attempt at restraining and limiting that said desire. In line with that, Coach Ayu, Ishida-senpai, Otsuka-senpai, Eguchi-sensei and even Misaki could very well become my target with as simple as a flip of a hat. I only had to remove whatever I was using to plug in my desire from going haywire. However, if I did that then there would be no stopping it. At least, this way, I was trying to let it be as natural as possible if I’d ever become attached to them. The same way as to how I was now with my girls. True. There would be some unique circumstances but that’s up to cha

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