Extreme Reaction

1138 Words

“Sensei, cheer up. That’s my honest thoughts after reading the first three. You’re creative, I get that. And everything you’ve written truly sounds fun. However, you once again forgot that not everyone has the necessary stamina for it.” Naturally, I felt guilty for her sudden mood shift to being gloomy. I only stated the truth but… I guess I was being insensitive again. With Eguchi-sensei’s head lowered, she dropped the papers on the table and stood up. While I was still wondering what she’s going to do next, Eguchi-sensei robotically turned her back on me as she walked towards the location of her mini-fridge. So, she’s going to drink, huh? Then I guess it’s fine. Or so I thought. When I saw what she picked up; a bottle of water, and how she immediately straightened her back while op

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