Returning the Lively Atmosphere of the Club

1244 Words

Compared to that other coward who never returned to the club after that confrontation, being late instantly earned me Ishida-senpai’s disappointed look as I joined them in their simple club activity. Well, it’s clearly my fault and even if I apologized, that’s slowly becoming meaningless because of how I always disappoint her. Nonetheless, taking into account her dedication to this club as well as Kana, Rae and Otsuka-senpai’s feelings, I had to do something to keep the harmony. And perhaps knowing what I aimed to do, Kana and Rae silently encouraged me after greeting and catching up with the two. Kana specifically said, “You’re aware of why Rumi is disappointed. Ruki should show his sincerity to her.” Rae, on the other hand, scribbled on her notepad, ‘It can’t be helped, take respons

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