Itou Himeko (1) *

1596 Words

As the room became filled with the sounds of our kisses and the occasional moans which escaped from her mouth, Himeko's trembling hand traveled down to my pants. Like someone lost in the dark, her hand blindly searched the front while feeling everything she touched. Oblivious to what she was searching, Himeko went from my navel down to the bulge in my pants. Eventually, her hand ended up brushing my c**k. She was stunned at first that her eyes widened. However, when she realized what it was. She traced it with her fingers while we're still hungrily sucking each other's tongue. This kind of a bold move from her made my hand that was behaving to make its move. It moved from holding her head in place down to her supple breasts.  When my hands cupped it, Himeko released a soft moan. Her lu

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