That Time I Left her Room

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There are more people in the cafeteria today. Maybe because right now, most groups are already stable. Most of them will go on to eat their lunch together. Being alone sucks that I had to share the table I got with others. Well, at least this guy is not a stranger. "Onoda. Aren't you called to the faculty?" Sakuma. This i***t found me at my corner. Well, I already saw Kana with that Kenji, though he looks grumpy, he's sticking next to Kana. His possessiveness is kicking in that even her girl friends who try to talk to her were pushed away by him. This guy. If you keep on doing that Kana might leave you. Don't do that. I still haven't had enough of Kana. We're just getting started. Otsuka-senpai talked about his possessiveness so maybe it's a known trait? It's amazing that Kana put up with it for a whole year. Maybe she's not that naive like I first thought. She managed to put him in line for a whole year. Add another year when he courted her. "I still have to eat my lunch right? What a good friend you are, you're happy that I keep being called to the faculty." "Are we friends? I remember you telling me how disappointed you are." "The hell? You're that soft-hearted? Sakuma, you like Maemura don't you?" "I already told you. Besides, you also knew she only sees me as a creepy idiot." "Are you really an athlete? Did you put all your confidence on that side? Have some confidence for the other side and show it to her." "Will it work? We can't seem to get along. It always evolves to us shouting at each other." Haa. This guy. I already gave him a hint yesterday and he didn't pick it up. I might not know about loving someone because I can never feel that emotion but looking at the couples I targeted I seem to get what that emotion pointed at. It's that, right? The feeling of wanting to be your partner's special someone. But that feeling isn't absolute. Soon it will dry out. And it's up to both of them if they wanted to water it and make it bloom again. It's a lot more different than my desire. The feeling of taking away somebody's special someone is a lot better and it doesn't ask a lot. We're not tied at something as unstable as love. Maybe this is why I became irritated last night when they muttered their I love you's at each other. "That's why I told you to figure it out by yourself. If I led you at every step, isn't it the same as me confessing to her? First, improve your own image on her." Sakuma thought for a bit before nodding his head. "Alright. Thanks." Don't thank me yet. And I probably won't deserve that. You will just hate me if you know what is on my mind. Me messing up Maemura while you're not looking. "Okay. Time for my punishment again." "Yeah. Good luck." I stood up and made my way to the Administration Building. There's still a possibility that Ms. Miyazaki will put a stop to what we're doing. There's still a chance for her to turn back and negate what happened. The question is, will she? The trigger for what happened between us was that light novel. She misunderstood that I saw its contents and when we were inside her room, her fantasy ran out of control. I didn't stop her and just went with the flow. I also had that choice to stop her from her fantasy but because of my secret desire, I didn't. That's the best chance so I took it. Even if it's not me and someone else took my place yesterday, she will probably still lose herself in her own fantasy. And maybe, just maybe. That's what she really intended from the start. Have someone catch her. Otherwise, why did she bring that book inside the classroom? It contains her secret. Right? I followed what I remembered from yesterday and arrived in front of her room.  Even before I knock, someone from inside opens the door. "You're here Onoda? Hurry up and come in." Ms. Miyazaki's commanding voice welcomed me. I yielded to that voice and went inside. "Take off your pants." Huh? Already? What is this situation? "Hurry up. I can't let you have an excuse to skip class again." Ah. I see. So that's what this is about. She's already inside her fantasy. She didn't choose to turn back. Well, it's advantageous to me. Since the start, I also have this intention to steal her. Her being immersed in her fantasy is my best chance. I have to start working on changing her outlook. I take off my pants as she instructed. "Now that I look at you again. You're sporting some huge asset behind that." She's pointing at my c**k that was still covered by my underpants. "You felt it yesterday." "Yes. And I can't forget it." "I can't forget the feeling of your butt too teacher." She blushed at my words. "I don't get you Onoda. Why are you so composed? Even yesterday. You just took and did everything I said without batting an eye." This is her soft-spoken side talking now. "Some called it weird. I don't really know. I'm just acting normally. This is how I really am." "Yes. You're weird. That's also why I'm glad it's you." Huh? Why? Am I right? That she purposely brought that book to be caught by someone? "What do you mean Ms. Miyazaki?" "When we're alone like this, I want you to call me Shio." Is she dodging my question? She doesn't intend to explain what she meant. "Shio. Is it fine now?" "Yes. Come here now. I missed your scent." Now she's acting out her fantasy again. She sits on her sofa and taps on her side. Like yesterday, I accept her wish. I sit down at her side. "You did keep the secret so I'll reward you." Out of the 3 sides she showed me yesterday this soft-spoken is the naughtiest. And it really fills my excitement hearing that sexy voice of hers. "I didn't expect a reward but I'll gladly receive it Shio." "Ah. Right, I didn't tell you to not talk. This is fine too. I want to hear your thoughts." "Do you really want to hear it?" Yesterday I was being careful thinking she might wake up from her fantasy if I spoke but right now, it doesn't seem to be the case. She's purposely immersing herself in her fantasy. "Yes. Tell me about your thoughts. Ruru." The hell? Now she gave me a nickname. "Are you really sure Shio?" "Muuu. Why are you like that? Are your thoughts scary?" "Yes." She sensed the seriousness in my voice. Yes. To change her outlook, I have to be this honest to her. It's to shake her fantasy. Whether it will give a positive effect or not depends on how she will take it. "I didn't know you can be this scary Ruru. But let's see. Let me hear it." "I want my reward first, Shio." "Now you're getting spoiled. I like this too." Shio turns her body towards me. She then embraces my head and buries my face into her chest.  I didn't resist or I couldn't. I let myself indulge in the softness of her breasts. "Now, you can tell me your thoughts." "I want to steal you from your husband Shio." "H-huh? What did you just say?" As I thought it would break her trance. She's as surprised as that time Yamada asked for her real age. "You heard me the first time. Should I repeat it?" "N-no. I heard you clearly. Is that really what you think?" "Yes." I move my still hands towards her back and once again cup her firm butt, squeezing it. "W-wait don't touch yet Ruru. Auu" "Why? I missed this Shio." I started massaging her firm butt, caressing it as we continued our talk. "Y-you're serious. Auu. D-don't squeeze it too hard." "I truly am. That's why I asked you if you really want to hear it." "B-but I am your teacher." "Are you serious Shio? You're telling me that now? During this time while I'm currently massaging your butt?" My hands pull up her skirt and directly touch her firm butt. Ah, I want to do more. Shio is already out of her fantasy. She's truly considering what I said about stealing her. "Auuu. You're really not joking?" "Look at me. Do I look like I'm joking?" "No. You're not. You're really serious. Auuu. I don't know. I'm not prepared for this." As expected. She only expects me to be an outlet for her fantasy. But I can't steal her if I just let her do that. I stop massaging her butt and stand up from the sofa. "Ahh. W-wait why did you stop?" "I'm leaving, teacher. You said you're not prepared for this." I moved to where my pants were dropped and put it on. This is beneficial. I can't just push her towards accepting it. It takes time. Just like how it takes time to conquer one girl back at middle school. "Y-you're right Onoda." When she breaks from her fantasy she's now back at calling me as Onoda. "Then teacher, I'll go back." I turn towards the door. "Onoda. Can I ask for something before you go back?" "I'll keep everything a secret teacher. You don't have to worry about that." "N-no. I know you won't tell anyone. That's not what I want to ask of you." "Then, alright. What is it, teacher?" "Kiss me. Kiss me like you did yesterday." "I won't hold back." "Please don't." I can't just turn back and take back my words about leaving right? This is a necessary step at stealing her. Damn, why are you so beautiful Shio? I now genuinely want to possess you as mine. I'll steal your everything except your heart. That's the only thing I don't want to take. Granting her request, I move towards her and claim her lips. I feel her arms embracing the back of my head. From a simple kiss, her lips start responding to mine. She sucks mine and I suck hers. Then our tongue met each other in the middle. Entwining themselves. We maintain that passionate kiss for as long as we can hold our breath. After that, we stare at each other's eyes. I don't know what she can sense on mine but on hers, I see her confusion and her guilt. She's a married woman and she's doing this with her own student. Of course, she'll be filled with guilt. She was not prepared to hear my thoughts. And that caused her confusion. After I leave she will start thinking about what she really wanted. If I didn't say something, there's a huge possibility that everything about us will end. So I have to choose my own words. To not cut off this connection. "You know Shio…" I called her with the nickname she told me to call her with. "If you can't really think about it, I'll still be here to be an outlet for your fantasy. Just call on me and I'll be there" She didn't say anything and just stared at me. And I won't wait for her reply. I turned to the door again and started walking towards it. "Ah but don't call on me during class. Message me. You're in the class' group chat too right? PM me Shio. Any time, I'll come running for you." And with that, I left Miyazaki Shiori's room. As to how it will develop in the future. Whether I will be successful in stealing her is truly unclear or rather with this, the possibility is too low. I thought of using her fantasies first but yeah. It won't really work that well and I'll just be drowning her on her fantasies. That's different from stealing her. It won't fill up my desire. Well, it will but only a bit and that's not enough for me. It will be just like a byproduct of her indulging in her fantasy with me as her tool. At least now, she knew my true thoughts. I managed to arrive in our classroom before the bell rang. Ah. I can still taste Shio's saliva in my mouth. I wonder when I can taste that again. Days? A week? If unlucky then never again. If that happened, that's when I will change my game plan for her. "How was your trip?" Maemura teases. "What trip? I just got a free lunch." Yeah. That kiss was satisfying at least. Also her firm butt. "Who would believe you when you look that haggard?" Huh? Ah! I forgot to fix my hair. Shio was grabbing on it earlier. "Here, a hairbrush." Rindou, your thoughtfulness is a gift. "Thank you." I fixed my hair and gave it back to her. She beamed a smile to me. I smile back in return. "How is Ms. Miyazaki punishing you? Is she still angry? Now I'm really curious what you did that made her angry." Sakuma said. "He probably radiated his laziness to her?" Maemura? You're still on that? And what's the connection of that and her getting angry? "It's over now. I already appeased her." "Really? Don't you think you need to get the 3rd place in the race too?" "Sakuma. If you're that fixated on the 3rd place, then go get it yourself. Want me to help you?" Maemura answers before me. Yeah, she's still harsh on him. When she sees me looking at her, she glares like she's asking 'What?!' "i***t. You go then. I'll send you in a cart straight to the faculty room." "Only an i***t will call others an i***t!" Haa. This i***t Sakuma. I have just given him a piece of advice and there he goes again. Only when the bell rang did the two stop bickering at each other. "How nice, they get along with each other that well." Rindou mutters at my side. Do you call that getting along? Why am I surrounded by these guys again? Haa. I'm tired. Only kissing Shio isn't enough. I need more excitement for my desire.
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