Don't Overthink

1665 Words

"Ruru... I missed you." Shio sweetly whispered after our lips separated. Her beautiful face looked so seductive that it made me take her lips once more before answering back. I'm currently in her room inside the Administration Building. It's lunch break and before I go to that empty room to eat with Nami, Satsuki and Aya, my feet lead me here. Of course, I have a valid excuse for seeing her. During her class, I was ordered by her to bring the worksheets we did today. "I know. You made an excuse for us to meet alone after all. I missed you too." Shio ignored what I said apart from my response to her 'I miss you'. That's enough for her to feel happy that she once again buried her face on my chest as if she wanted to be stuck there all day. Making an excuse for us to meet secretly at sch

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