Breaking the Norm (1)

1235 Words

Changing to my PE Uniform didn’t take that long, it’s just a white shirt and light green track pants. After storing my uniform inside the locker allocated for me, I left the Boys’ Changing Room and returned to our classroom. As if she was so excited that she couldn’t wait anymore, I was welcomed by Saki right after I entered from the door of our classroom. With her arms coiling around me without any warning, Saki pushed her head just next to my ears and whispered to me. “I must be looking too thirsty for you and you might see me as someone easy but… I just can’t let this chance pass, Ruki. Forgive me.” Saki uttered an apology but at the same time, she grew even bolder. This Monday when I teased her, she’s not this brave instead, she was even too embarrassed to react to how I teased her.

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