Sakuma's Concession

2080 Words

"Nao-senpai, are you sure you'll be fine?" Akane asked when we're at the station. Since this is where we will part, Akane repeated her question. Nao decided to go to school and possibly talk to Shio's husband if there's an opportunity, Akane and I advised her against it but she insisted, telling us that she'll be fine. After last night, I could say that I already got her back but she wanted to end things properly. That guy was someone who was with her for more than a year. Though calling the police on him sounds like the most logical choice, I don't want Shio to be implicated by it so I'll have him back off for now. If they decided to divorce and he gets a new high school girl for himself, that's when I'll ask for authority intervention. Police and the Ministry will be eager to put hi

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