Cleaning the Riverside (2)

1293 Words

The picking up of trash soon ended for the girls. It didn’t take long because: Firstly, their side was the cleanest as it was already being regularly cleaned by the City Hall department assigned to take care of it. Secondly, the ratio of boys to girls leaned towards the latter. In our class, there are only around 12 boys and 18 girls. They have more manpower. And lastly, they’re organized. Kanzaki had a leadership quality and when Nami was added, it became smoother. Apart from them, there’s also Chii who was something like the head of a wave or a trendsetter, if that’s the right analogy. Most girls followed her example and due to her extraordinary cheerfulness as a very active fake gyaru, the others were infected by her. Satsuki was kind of bad with that kind of mood but upon seeing th

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