Do that after marrying me

1485 Words

It’s no surprise that in that few minutes, Aya and I worked up a sweat with our clothes set aside. However, because it’s literally an empty room apart from a rather old locker at the side, the two of us had no bed, table or even stool to use. Fortunately, I found a clean curtain tucked inside the upper compartment of the locker when I went to pick one of the cleaning tools to block the door from opening. The lock of it had already malfunctioned after all. With that curtain spread on the ground, it protected our bodies from being dirtied as we lay down on it. Although I didn’t really plan on having s*x with her, I also hadn’t expected that Aya would be too adorable for me to resist. Aya also understood it or rather, she’s expecting it to happen upon realizing that we’re in a private ro

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