A Trip to the Infirmary

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We cleaned up the mess we made inside the clubroom before we went out together. Or rather before the two girls went out. I stayed inside for a bit.  Just to be safe, I should not be seen together with them. I let Kana talk it out with Otsuka-senpai to keep our secret. They've known each other for a year now and Kana, being the best advisor in the club, she managed to find words to convince Otsuka-senpai. Though not entirely. Now I'm convinced that Kana has this ability to come up with believable excuses out of the blue. It will work on people mostly except Otsuka-senpai's type or someone like Andou that has exceptional observation skill. The former will always find a hole while the latter could see through it in no time. I had the thought to use some blackmailing to keep her mouth shut but Kana told me to let her handle Otsuka-senpai. Kana assured me that Otsuka-senpai would never leak what she had seen. I accepted but secretly I made some insurance in case Kana failed. It's always better to have these back-up plans. I took a picture of the dazed Otsuka-senpai and included in the picture was my erect c**k. The angle of the picture made it look like I was directly in front of her. Anyone who will see that will immediately recognize it as Otsuka-senpai staring at my c**k lustfully. Now that I think about it, I still don't know enough about her except that curious personality of hers. Whether she will be my target or not, I still can't say. Does she like someone? Or is she even dating someone? I have not the time to ask her and clearly, I'm not that interested. I don't know why but in my current situation, I only smell trouble if I go after her this early. Her type is somewhat uncontrollable if you didn't watch over her. I impulsively decided to show her my relation with Kana because of her stubborn curiosity, any excuses we might make earlier will always have some hole she can nitpick. I have this premonition that sometime soon, Otsuka-senpai herself will approach me and of course, it's to satisfy her curiosity. I'll decide on what to do with her when that time comes. It's almost 7:30am when I arrive in our classroom. Only half of the class have currently arrived. Maemura is probably still at the gym for their practice. Sakuma, I don't know about him, the soccer field was quiet when I passed by earlier. Only Rindou among my 3 neighbours is present at her seat and like always, she has a book on her that is occupying her attention. She perks up when she feels my presence beside her. Maemura said this girl likes me and I don't really know why she does. "G-good morning. You're early today." Rindou greets me. "Good morning. I had a great sleep." Yes. I had my fill on my desire yesterday and maybe because I felt comfortable with Akane there. That girl better eats what I left for her. I made those pancakes according to what she likes, well, I don't know if her taste already changed, my memory with her stopped in our 5th grade before this secret desire manifested. "T-that's great. Later. I'll guide you to the club." Ah. Right. I told her I will also try her club today. Well, there's that event we just had at the Literature Club so it's better for me not to show my face in front of Otsuka-senpai for now. Plus I still can't decide which club I will join. It's better for me to take these trials. There will be a possibility to find a new target among the members of those clubs. "Thank you Rindou. Uh, what are you reading today?" Time for her conversation practice. She's getting better. Taking the initiative now. I'll have her talk to Maemura or Sakuma next time. "Ah. This. A book recommended by a senior at the club." Rindou answers. She raises the book to show me its front cover. 'The Lone Cub.' "What is it about?" Yes. Just like this, first, talk about what interests her. It will make her more open if it's about something she really likes. "A-ah yes. It's about a lion cub that was abandoned by his pride because of his disability. He then went on his own to try to survive the harsh grasslands where every animal took him as a prey." See? She's talking about it with the shiny sparkle on her eyes. Rindou is surely a cute girl but because of her personality, she turned this kind of gloomy that her hair became a bit unkempt. It's great that she's having some progress now. "That sounds interesting. I'm not that fond of books but I'll surely give it a read if I have time." "Y-yes. If you want I can recommend other books to you too." "Thank you. I'll be sure to check them out." "Ah. No. I should be the one thanking you Onoda." "Why? I didn't do anything." "Y-you did. At least for me." Rindou mutters her last words in a silent voice. At this time Maemura appeared from the door. She's already in her uniform. Her hair is still a bit wet. She probably took a shower in their clubroom. Every athletic club has their own shower room to wash away their sweat.  Our eyes locked and she immediately averted her gaze as she made her way through to her seat. That's cute. I can't help but smile at her reaction. She's probably remembering what happened earlier. "G-good morning Maemura." Rindou greets her. "Good morning." I follow after. "Yes. Good morning Rindou, Onoda." She puts down her bag and sits. She tries to keep her composure by not linking eyes with me. "Sakuma, that i***t isn't here yet?" Maemura asks. She got conscious of him and now that she knew he also likes her, she didn't notice that she just took the initiative to ask about him. Ah. This girl is clearly in love. The love that Akane and Yae are talking about. I don't feel it that much with Kana but she surely likes that Kenji, enough that she can put up with him for a year but it's not as intense love like this. Well, who am I to talk? I don't even get what kind of emotion is that nor how that emotion feels like. "S-sakuma, he, I saw him getting dragged by the seniors of his club yesterday." Rindou answers. Ah. Maybe that's why they don't have practice yesterday. I lean closer to Maemura and whisper with a voice only she can hear. "Why are you dodging my gaze?" She flinched then glared at me. Ah teasing this girl is amusing. "Don't talk to me or someone might notice." "What will they notice?" "Your perverted gaze." "But I'm only staring at a beauty?" "You can't buy me with sweet words idiot." This girl always has this foul mouth but now I find it exhilarating. I'll make sure to tease her every time there's a chance so she won't forget. "Y-you two sure are getting along." Rindou says, there's a hint of jealousy to her voice. "This i***t just wants a kick from me, Rindou. He was influenced by that i***t Sakuma." Ah. I see. This is how she projects her love for Sakuma. That's why that guy is always the receiver of her insults. More and more of our classmates started showing up as minutes elapsed nearing the start of the class. I don't know what face Shio will show when she sees me later. I hope she remembers not to give me attention today, I already had enough for 3 days. Anything more will truly make me a unique character with an attribute called Ms. Miyazaki's Pet. When Sakuma showed up, his appearance looked like he didn't get enough sleep. Bags can be seen forming below his eyes, just what did they do yesterday? "Good morning. What happened to you?" I greet him. "Ah. Onoda, it's nothing. The seniors dragged me to what they called a Freshmen Party." His voice sounds like it lacks energy. "Truly irresponsible. If you use that time to practice then you'll surely get in the regulars." Maemura interjects. "Ah. Maemura. You look beautiful today." Sakuma mutters. It looks like he's in a half-daze state that he's blurting out what he's thinking. Hearing his words Maemura's face blushed extremely that you can see her skin colour change close to red. "What the hell is this i***t? Wake up from your dreams!" She kicks at his seat but surely she's feeling happy. Ah. This maiden in love.  "Ah. Don't kick. I'm getting dizzy." Sakuma said. He's still out of sorts then he slumped his body down his desk. "Do you think this guy can attend class like this?" I ask. "Take him to the infirmary Onoda." Maemura said. "Why me?" "Aren't you his friend? Be a good friend." I already sank my claws into you, hooked you with a bait and reeled into my arms. Am I still this guy's good friend? Ah. Well, on the surface I'm really his friend. Let's just be a good Classmate A then. "Okay, let's go, Sakuma." I said as I dragged him up to his seat. I support him with my shoulder on his left side. "Eh? Where are you taking me Onoda?" This guy can't even stand up straight now. I'm already amazed that he managed to arrive safely at school. I look at Maemura and gesture to her with my eyes. Telling her to support the other side. I know, she'll surely be happy being close to him.  She blushed even harder when she understood what I meant. "Argh. These two idiots. Dragging me too." Maemura acts like she doesn't like it but she still supported Sakuma on his right. "Ah. Maemura, I can smell Maemura." Sakuma mutters in between his consciousness. "What the hell is this p*****t?!" The class that is watching the spectacle laughs at Sakuma and Maemura's exchange. "Go on now and go back after settling him, as the Class President, I'll tell Ms. Miyazaki about this." Kanzaki stands up from her seat. This diligent girl is doing her job. I wonder when she will make her mind up about what she's asking for me. Maybe she's having second thoughts now. I still don't have a clue as to who the guy she's dating. Well, that doesn't matter to me now, I'll steal her even if I don't know him. I nod at her and we start dragging Sakuma out to the infirmary. The infirmary is located at the Administration Building so we'll take a little walk to arrive there. Maybe we won't make it back before the bell rings. There's Kanzaki and it's Shio's class so I guess it will be fine if we come back a little late. "This i***t is too heavy. What do you boys eat anyway?" "He's an athlete. For sure he eats a lot to make up for his energy loss at every practice. Aren't you the same?" "Huh? Are you calling me fat Onoda?!" What the hell is this girl's thought process? How did she get to that conclusion? "Well, it only shows on those plump thighs of yours. Spare some on your breasts and butt too." "Onoda. You're turning more and more unscrupulous." "No. I just want to tease you Maemura." "Just shut up i***t. I'll take back what I promised about not punching you." We continue bickering like this on our way to the infirmary. We don't know where it is located so we asked a passing teacher and told us it's upstairs. On the 2nd floor. I thought we would meet Shio on the way but it seems most teachers are still in the faculty. Preparing for each of their classes. When we arrive in front of the infirmary, the door opens by itself. Well, it was opened from the inside. We then met by who looked like to be the school nurse. She dons a lab coat that is loosely worn. She wears thick glasses on a face pretty enough but full of make-up which adults' wear, especially her lips that were adorned by dark purple lipstick. She could be what you called a mature woman. Unlike Shio who still somehow looks like a college student, this school nurse exudes a really mature aura. She could be a target but I don't have any experience on her type, besides I don't even know anything about her apart from being the school nurse. "Oh. I was about to leave. What happened?" The school nurse asks. I look at her nameplate attached to her coat pocket. Hayashi Makiko. "As you can see Ms. Hayashi, he collapsed in class." Maemura answers. Ms. Hayashi looked at Sakuma and gestured for us to enter the infirmary. I immediately smell the scent of disinfectant around the room. Everything here looks white and clean enough. There are three beds on a corner which were separated by white curtains one can move to enclose them. It was to let patients have privacy. "Put him down that bed, I'll take a look at him. I apologize but I can't stay for long. I'll give you two instructions once I assess this student." Ms. Hayashi points at the bed next to the windows. "We understand." We both acknowledge her instruction and put Sakuma down to the white bed. "Let's see. This student is just suffering from a lack of sleep, feeding him enough vitamins and having him rest here is enough." Ms. Hayashi said after looking into Sakuma's state. She then went to her drawer and pulled a bottle of medicine out. She then hands it over to Maemura. "Let him take 3 tablets. The water dispenser is over there. I'll leave him to you two. Go back to your class after you're done, that student will be up and standing when he wakes up later." Ms. Hayashi instructed us before she hurriedly left the room. What a school nurse, I wonder what was it that's making her act like that. A meeting? "Stay with him, I'll go get a glass of water." I said to Maemura before I went to the dispenser. I look around the room. It's too quiet here and currently, there's only 3 of us. With Sakuma unconscious, I could say Maemura and I are currently alone together. Ah. I guess I can tease her again before we go back. It's even more exciting to think now that Sakuma is just there sleeping. Damn. My secret desire is kicking in again. I'm really hopeless. Well, I don't even feel regret, I'm just moving according to my desire.  After giving the water and making Sakuma drink the vitamins, I saw Maemura staring at his sleeping face. "You really love him that much?" I ask. "Shut up Onoda." Ah. Let me tease you again. Here in front of your sleeping Prince Charming. Let's just hope he won't open his eyes and see what I'm about to do to you. "I want you Satsuki." I whispered behind her, tiptoeing a bit just so I could reach her ears. And at the same time wrapping my arms around her navel, pulling her close to me. I sensed her body stiffen. Her breathing abruptly slowed like she's holding her breath. "I-i***t. What are you doing?" Maemura turns her head to me mutters in a voice soft enough to only be heard by me. Ah. I really can't get enough of this feeling. This excitement I always get from this secret desire.
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