Visiting the Literature Club Again

1919 Words

"You?" Kenji was the one who opened the door to the Literature Club and upon seeing me, he was puzzled as to why I came back here. "Goto-senpai. I'm here to look at the club once more. Err… I still haven't chosen the club I will join but the Literature Club is still one of my choices." I explained my appearance even without him asking. I peeked inside and saw the surprised faces of Otsuka-senpai and Ishida-senpai. Kana and Fujii already knew I would be showing up since I messaged them about it. Kana was smiling at me while Fujii also had a hint of a smile upon seeing me. This Kenji guy still has no idea that I'm the one that changed Kana. To him, I'm just a 1st year student who tried their club last week. "Alright. Come in." He widened the opening of the door and let me in. His exp

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