A Greedy and Stupid Guy (2)

1749 Words

"No. You can't just cut your focus like that. Don't put it at the back of your mind." "I'm sorry but right now, my mind is full of you. Himeko. Can't you feel how I want you?" I reached for her hands and grabbed it. She's below me and she looks defenceless but she's steeling herself to meet my gaze. "Even if you want me, I'm only for Haru. You, you're just our rival." "Then continue seeing me as that. I still want you." "You're really hopeless." "I am. So Himeko. Can I steal you?" I know that I'm hopeless. I'm always this hopeless when it comes to my desire. I stood up from her and pulled her up. This time I put her in my embrace. Her body is resisting but she can't overpower my arms. I'm really being forceful here. Just like earlier. "T-try if you can. This is what Haruko wished f

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