Thank you

1266 Words

“Sure. But is it fine leaving Himeko there? You know your sister.” That girl still couldn’t be left behind for too long. This was the first time she went outside apart from school and her home. “This won’t take long... Just go back quickly to her. I also excused myself by saying I will also go to the bathroom.” “Alright. Say your piece, I’m listening.” “… Nee-sama, she’s changing herself for the better and… I can’t deny that you’re a great part of it. That’s why… I want to thank you. For letting us reconnect again and for inspiring her to come out of her safe zone.” Itou bowed towards me and along with the heartfelt gratitude included in her voice. Even though she still couldn’t accept that I made Himeko as one of my women, she’s truly grateful for what I did for her, for them. “Itou

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