Passing by the Bookstore

1838 Words

"Himeko, see you tomorrow," I said as I pulled her up to a kiss again. I went back straight to the Book Club after Mina closed the door on me. And of course, before leaving with Aya and Nami, I wouldn't forget about my Himeko. Because of her current circumstances and Itou's meddling, we could only meet here. After that day that she confessed to me, she's now both my and Haruko's girl. Well, Haruko's mine anyway so there's not really a distinction. I observed their love for each other and I must say, it's truly genuine just like how Haruko showed it earlier for Mina and the three girls with them. In any case, this situation with Haruko's girls could be said as unique. I met them even before the complete change in my mindset. And by then, Haruko confessed that although she still wanted m

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