The Club Without Ogawa (1)

1271 Words

"Onoda-kun, why are you here again? Upon seeing me, unlike yesterday, Izumi-senpai threw me a question. Since the start of the week, it's the third consecutive day that I've visited this club. Every time I would show up here, the harmonious atmosphere that was probably present in this room was moving into the verge of collapse. "Ah. I'm sorry for intruding, senpai. I told Saki that I was only here to pick up Nami but she pushed me inside. You see, I promised to walk with her everyday now that her time of the month has arrived." I bowed in front of her before scanning my gaze to the other members present in this room. Perhaps because Ogawa was absent, this delinquent girl was most likely irritated to not see the guy she was chasing after. Moreover, there's also the thing that happened

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