There's an easy solution

1305 Words

Being woken up to the notion that I was being stubborn to resolve Hiyori’s current situation by just giving her money from what I earned, I fully surrendered and turned to the other girls in the room. Pretty much like what Hiyori did. In the end, Mizuki and Akane stepped up to straighten whatever cognition we were having. In my case, I wanted to help Hiyori upon hearing her current predicament. I was even willing to buy what she wanted to sell to her friend. That way it’s not going to be me one-sidedly giving it to her. Because I’m sure, at this point, they wouldn’t like it too much if I simply hand them money. Taking them to dates or treating them to something was acceptable though. In Hiyori’s case, it was her sense of responsibility to own up to what she did. It’s like she’s going to

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