You lost this round, Mina

1503 Words

While enduring Mina’s stealthy retaliation when I suddenly dropped the bomb like that, I waited quietly to how her mother would react to it. She already assumed something about our relationship because it’s painfully obvious through seeing how Mina reacted. Mina was like an open book when she was being teased. She’s easily flustered contrary to the words she’s blurting out to deny it. Mina’s mother simply smiled and put on a look of understanding. It’s like even before I arrived here, she already accepted my relationship with Mina. I looked at the girl beside me and she just shook her head, silently telling me not to ask her. At the moment, her exposed ears were as red as tomatoes. She’s also fidgeting as if she wanted to run away and hide herself from me. And upon seeing that, I unhes

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