Why is it a Detestable Idea?

1337 Words

Detestable. Hearing how Akane described that idea as such, I seriously pondered the underlying meaning of it. Unfortunately, I still failed to do so. Even though I recognized that I wouldn’t be able to execute that idea, I still think that it’s something that could help me. I would surely follow whatever schedule I came up with. By doing so, I could divide my time with everyone and not only favor those closer to me, physically. Was what she pertained to as detestable the possibility of me not following the scheduled plan? No. Akane would’ve easily pointed it out without reacting strongly. It’s something that she believed all of my girls would also feel detestable. Her back was still turned to me and just based on her cracking voice, she’s about to cry. Why did I have to be so dumb th

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