Cold Feet

1526 Words

“... Fine, I’ll stop. You made your choice and... Kana, that’s your decision, right? Not his?” “It is my decision, Kenji. Ruki is here just because I want him to be here with me to break it to you. Thank you for everything. You didn’t mistreat me. I at least need to acknowledge that. You’ve been a great guy.” “Great guy? Heh.” Goto mocked himself as an extremely bitter smile showed on his face. He then pulled a handkerchief and wiped his face off his tears and snot. Seeing how he even cried, there’s no doubt that his affection towards Kana was at least real. Well, not everyone could persevere for a year courting a girl and stay in a relationship with her for another year. And like Kana said, he didn’t mistreat her at all. If being a little possessive was considered mistreatment, then t

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