The Curious Girl's Advances

1268 Words

The same routine as yesterday. As soon as the bell rang for the end of the school day, I went straight to the Literature Club to help Kana with her novel. And as expected, that Kenji was absent. Afraid to run into me, he's now ditching the club every day. If only that's the case. But I still heard from Ishida-senpai how he's asking about Kana. Because Momoiro-senpai was stopping him from approaching Kana in their classroom, he had no choice but to run to Ishida-senpai. However, Ishida-senpai told him the truth. The truth is that even until now, Kana and I are still as tight as he last saw us. Apart from helping Kana, we also began talking about that plan I drew up for the cultural festival. Ishida-senpai and Otsuka-senpai drew up some revision for it. However, the way they revised i

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