One after the other (4)

1380 Words

Due to that fatal joke that my old man uttered, my mom swiftly took control of the situation as Kana, Satsuki, Aya, Nami, Hina, Saki and Eimi’s turn for their introduction arrived. Kana’s shy nature was gradually cast away when my mom casually talked to her about her experiences with me. Although she skipped a lot of details, my mom acted shocked when Kana told her that our relationship bloomed during the first week of this school year. In truth, she looked at me with pride as if she’s commending me for acting that fast. When it was Satsuki’s turn, the foul-mouthed girl tried her best to restrain from cursing. However, my mom easily saw through her and began teasing her alongside me. Satsuki became extremely flustered that she eventually took it out on me by pulling on my shirt and pinch

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