Let's Stop By Somewhere

1566 Words

Spending a little over 10 minutes under the shade of the three while we're entangled to each other, Nikaido gently placed her head on my chest and savored that time. Once the sun dimmed a bit due to the clouds covering it, I took her hand and walked her to her house. The blush and the elated smile never left her face and through our locked hands, I could feel her quickly beating pulse. Even if I didn't ask her, it's clear what's going on in her mind. "Well then, I'm going back," I said after we reached their front gate where I will drop her off. Their street is like ours, the outside is devoid of people or perhaps it's just because of the time of the day. Either way, I already saw someone peeking from a window of their house. I can only make out the eyes but surely, whoever it is, he or

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