Purposely Getting Left Behind

1284 Words

When I arrived at their clubroom and after Saki took her chance at the door, their whole group was already about to leave. Nami and Shizu were also here. Nami told me that she’d wait here and we’re going to walk with them to their bus stop. However, for our plan today, she’s not going to ride the bus with them. We’re going to wait for the next one after they leave or if not the next, at least a different bus than them. Shizu, on the other hand, told me not to pick her up at the Student Council since she’s going straight here as soon as she’s done reporting to Hayashi-sensei. “Alright. He’s here. Let’s go.” Shizu announced as she stood up from her seat as soon as I appeared from the door. Hina then soon followed, dragging Kikuchi with her. When our gazes met, the girl had a subtle smile

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