Building a Great First Impression (1)

1515 Words

“Let’s just say I know her personally,” I answered honestly as I told her a tidbit of my past with Yue. “Hmm... One of those who didn’t chase after you.” While rubbing her chin, Nami smirked. But her smirk immediately fell upon hearing my next words. “Yes. And someone I rejected.” She stared at me as if looking at a heartless i***t who only knows how to play with women’s hearts. “... This Breaker of Hearts and Destroyer of Relationships. This world cursed your existence, Dark Prince of the Stealing Void! It’s Asahi! I’m also her fan, i***t Ruu!” Nami inhaled for a few seconds before she blurted all that out, berating me from my words. This girl... Did she just full-on ‘Elizabeth’ with me? Wait, that’s not the most important point, won’t her mother be startled by her shout? I took a

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