Say It *

1876 Words

“Let me take this off for you.” Amidst our heated kisses, I started unbuttoning her uniform and likewise, she was doing the same for me while at the same time, we’re exploring each other’s body. We’re trying to remember the feeling of each other’s bodies in our palms. We still have a school to attend. It would be embarrassing to come with our clothes filled with creases due to us rolling in this bed. Contrary to the usual, I started to unbutton her uniform from below, exposing her skin from her navel upwards. At every button I would undo, my knee that was resting in between her legs would press against her, resulting in a suppressed moan while we’re covering each other’s mouth. It’s already damp and for sure, once I reached her last button, the juice she produced would stain that part o

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