1135 Words

Minutes passed inside the Poem Appreciation Club’s clubroom and Mina was still on my lap, comfortably resting her head on my chest. We drank the tea that she brewed and spent the time just being close to each other. I kept my embrace on her tightly all the time. It would not be wrong for us to be mistaken as an intimate couple if someone saw us like this. Either way, it’s not about whether we had something to talk about or we needed something to talk about. Just feeling each other’s warmth was enough for me and perhaps, for Mina as well. “You still have your secretary job, don’t you? Finish this cup and you can go.” Mina said after pouring tea on my empty cup. “I’m still curio—” Before I could finish my words, Mina’s lips had already covered mine, stopping me from finishing it. “Sto

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