Another encounter with the Enthusiastic Fan

1508 Words

“Of course not. It’s just a little funny for you to ask that. Are you still unaware of your beauty? You’re on a level of your own.” Eventually, I still answered her question which just made the girl more flustered. Although this girl seldom accepted flattery and flowery words, it’s totally effective when she did accept one. Besides, it’s an answer to her question. After a few more minutes of teasing the girl, the thought of Otoha’s brother stickily looking at her was removed from her mind. Knowing her character, this girl usually ignored those trivial things like being stared at. That means… she’s truly bothered by the way he looked at her. Moreover, this girl wasn’t the type to make an excuse over wanting to do it with me so that’s more than likely. I decided to ask Otoha about her b

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