Akiyama Nao (1) *

1591 Words

As soon as I put her down on the bed, Nao who's probably holding back since earlier pulled my head towards her and locked my lips with hers. Her tongue directly moved and searched for mine as we started tasting each other. Without any words to kick off the mood, I slowly positioned myself on top of her. Just looking at her glittering expectant eyes after that satisfying passionate case, anyone will succumb to this girl's alluring temptation. "Ruki, Ruki, Ruki." Chanting my name three times, Nao's lips curved into a beautiful smile as she took in my whole visage that was currently positioned above her. "I'm here. You don't need to call me three times like that, you know?" I put my hand on her face and caressed it gently before dropping my lips on hers once more. With her eyes closed, N

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